DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Certification

The Various DVRT Education Programs

DVRT Certification

“The DVRT Certification isn’t a “how to do sandbag training program”, it will completely change how you see real world fitness and give you infinite ways to solve your clients’ needs!”

– Brendan Startz, Owner Full Potential Fitness

There are a lot of different certification programs out there in today’s fitness world. Some teach you how to use a piece of equipment, some try to motivate you, few actually try to teach a comprehensive system of delivering extraordinary results! DVRT™ Ultimate Sandbag Training  programs promise to completely change how you see fitness.

group of people posing with their ultimate sandbags

If you are a fitness professional, therapist, or someone looking to revolutionize their personal fitness, then DVRT is for you! A comprehensive system of functional movement like no other allows you to maximize training of anyone from rehabilitation to high performance training. DVRT will give you a special edge to you and your clients, the only question is how are you going to take your training to another level?

Since 2005 we have been helping people accelerate their fitness businesses as well as the experience of fitness. Having taught DVRT in over 13 countries worldwide, when you become a DVRT coach you are not just raising your education, but becoming part of a community that is changing the fitness industry.

“Amazing Certification!!! The Level 1 & 2 cert was amazing! There was a ton to learn and all of the coaches were awesome. The system covered in the certification is instantly applicable and can easily be applied to what I’m currently doing in my programming to make it even better! I definitely recommend this to ALL fitness professionals.”

– Craig Shinkarik, Owner Forever Fit

group of people posing with their ultimate sandbags

We promise that the DVRT certification will be a life changing experience. Opening up the door to a whole new way of thinking with top level coaching you will feel an all new confidence to tackle the challenges of a wide array of clientele and help them exceed their goals. This just isn’t a class, it will be your personal journey to the evolution of fitness.

“Thank you Josh Henkin for this awesome system DVRT!!! I’m a new man!! Walked into FIT4U Cheshire with upper/lower back pain and left with an Ultimate Sandbag and so much knowledge!!! No more backpain!!! Completely gone!!! You changed my and many other lives!!!! B-O-O-M!!

– Dave Garceau

What is DVRT Education

The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Certification isn’t just information, but a transformative fitness experience. While learning over 40 dynamic DVRT exercises is exciting, it is the comprehensive system that makes DVRT something special! Providing you with assessment techniques, the secrets to giving a customized feeling even in group settings, and how to take the guess work out of exercise selection and programming, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training  arms you with everything to revolutionize your business and your own well being.

“The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Certification had a dramatic effect on my coaching and training. The DVRT system goes way beyond how to use the Ultimate Sandbag, though it is clear that the Ultimate Sandbag is the perfect tool for the job. DVRT is about movement in all planes of motion. The system then gives us the knowledge to safely and effectively load those movements. There are few (if any) other types of lifts and systems that wouldn’t benefit from DVRT Training.”

– Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner, Strength Coach

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Each level is a dynamic day jam packed with information that brings the most cutting-edge research to the real world. Every attendee will get personalized attention as we keep the ratio of instructors to students at a very high level. Our DVRT Master Instructors are the best of the best and have the task of making sure you have a top educational and fitness experience. The DVRT program is designed to inspire you to bring out the best in your training and clients.

“I highly recommend the DVRT System and program to everyone I meet! The DVRT system has had a profound impact not just on my personal fitness but on my professional business as well! As a business owner the DVRT system is about finding solutions and identifying strategies to get my clients the results that they want. Whether it’s increased performance and fitness, or strength and fat-loss, DVRT helps identify solutions to get them to their goals.”

– James Newman, Owner of Quest Fitness, Guilford, CT

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What Is DVRT Education

Most people wonder “what is the DVRT certification program?” It is an innovative coaching program and that includes the ability to coach yourself! That is why we do have a physical standard (read more here about it) and a home written course. We believe at DVRT that being certified isn’t about just showing up but meaning you have earned and demonstrated the qualities that help make you a leader in fitness!

Upon completion you will receive your DVRT certificate that will contain continuing education credits from top associations like ACE, NASM, AFAA and many more.That isn’t it! You will also receive a special DVRT certified t-shirt that will show you not only attended, but demonstrated a deep understanding of the DVRT system. That STILL isn’t it! You will additionally receive a 20% lifetime coupon code as a thank you for becoming a part of our DVRT family, an opportunity to be placed upon our DVRT instructors website with coaches from all over the world, and 3 months FREE in our DVRT coaching program. You aren’t just an instructor, you are family and we want to treat you as such!


Is DVRT Education For Me?

Do you have to be a top level fitness professional to love and attend a DVRT Certification? Absolutely NOT!!! Many who just enjoy learning how to get the very best out of their own training find the DVRT educational programs to be a real life changing experience! They walk away feeling like they are an expert and are empowered to take charge of their own fitness. Our instructors are there to guarantee you have nothing but a phenomenal experience and get the very most out of it possible.

If you aren’t sure if a full out DVRT Certification we also offer our DVRT Workshops. A 5 hour introduction to DVRT principles and concepts can really inspire you to continue on to a certification, but also supply you with powerful knowledge to get a big jump on your training. We believe so greatly in the power of DVRT that we want everyone and anyone to feel comfortable and excited about becoming a part of our fitness family.

No matter who you are, we have a program that is right for you. If you aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will be more than happy to guide you in the best direction. Hope to see you at a DVRT course in the near future!!