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Real World Fitness with Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs

sandbag workout

It is something we should all ask ourselves if we want to accomplish big things, “how are we being unique?” No, not just different for the sake of appearing unique, but really offering something new and thoughtful. This is really how I think about our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs.

This past week we began working with a new web company and I was reminded of this simple idea. I’m not going to lie, web companies can be extremely frustrating, but when you have an online business they are pretty important.

It feels like every conversation we have had with over 8 different companies sounds the same….”so tell us what you do.”

Most are surprised when I say, “we offer continuing education for fitness professionals and therapists, while also providing real world solutions for fitness enthusiasts goals.” Sure, sometimes I feel like I just had my Will Ferrell moment from Old School, but that is what we do.
The funny part is when they seem confused and ask, “well…don’t you sell fitness sandbags?” Of course we do, but that isn’t what we do. Our Ultimate Sandbags are the vehicle in which we teach people how to train the body naturally so they can get extraordinary results.
I think this is important because we live in an age where people think the most toys wins! To me, it has ALWAYS been about being a better craftsman/woman because what I can do with just a few tools is far more than what someone who knows little about a lot of tools can do.
This isn’t to brag, you can too. That is why we write so many of these blogs, to show you how easy and effective implementing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs can be.
I know, I know, some cynic out there is like, “REALLY, REALLY! Ultimate Sandbag workout programs can’t be THAT different!”
Well, I can tell you from how surprised so many top fitness industry leaders are with not just what we can do in our Ultimate Sandbag workout programs, but the problems they can solve.
The biggest difference people see with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs is that we really do focus on movement. Sure, lots of people say that, but no, we actually REALLY move when we lift!

DVRT Master, Amanda Thebe shows that even if you move into your new home and have NOTHING but your Ultimate Sandbag, you can still do so much!

Why does it matter if we move in different ways? For one, you actually get to hit the muscles of the body that most fitness programs miss. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs target both the big muscles that we all love to show, but also the really small ones that are responsible for making us injury resilient and actually feeling good enough to train!

Using this philosophy of movement allows us to take one or two Ultimate Sandbags and have a gym that does way more than most commercial gyms packed with machines and other fitness tools. The return on your investment is HUGE and something we take so seriously when we develop our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs.

Lastly, the instability, the unique movement, the directions and ways the Ultimate Sandbag moves allows us to train for life. Whether you have never trained before, or you have been training your whole life, the same Ultimate Sandbag can be a really powerful tool.

That is how I think about our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs, a solution to whatever your fitness need is. This isn’t the dirty old sandbag that you see when you walk by a construction site, this is a highly enginnered training tool that is designed to train the way your body wants to move.

However, the only way you can really tell if our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs are as special as I keep saying is if you try! Do it, pick one of any of these three and do it! See if you don’t notice something so uniquely different when you really think about how building strength for life!

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