Clean and Press Test

The word “test” can often freak many people out, we rather think about the Clean and Press as a “challenge”. In DVRT we never do anything just to “do it”. We have clear purpose and direction and the Clean and Press challenge is another example of us trying to deliver a great experience for our DVRT education attendees.


How in the world is a VERY challenging drill helping YOU? One of our main motivations in implementing a physical standard was to get attendees working with the USB, thinking of programming, and building a base level of fit- ness that would help them have a great time at our physical courses. Let’s break down why each of these components are necessary.

Working with the Ultimate Sandbag

In 2003 I attended the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC). Back then probably more than 70% of the attendees had never even touched a kettlebell. Fast forward ten years and most people not only have kettlebells, but spend time preparing with them for the RKC.


When you touch any implement for the first time, there is a period of becoming familiar with the tool. In the case of the USB, the differences are greater than most. The differences in levels of stability and feel is unlike anything else. Therefore, be- coming somewhat familiar with how the USB moves and feels is important as it allows us to spend more time refining your skills at the courses.

It can be a rather big shock for someone to touch a USB for the first time at our DVRT courses. Since a day flies by (it really does!) we want to ensure that everyone leaves feeling successful and competent in both using and teaching how to use a USB. Having attendees become more familiar with the USB helps us speed up that process so we can teach helpful trouble shooting techniques rather than starting from zero.

This strategy also allows us to quickly identify bad habits that your clients or others would pick-up in training. Our goal in the DVRT course is to make sure you can tech any fitness level our principles and drills, but you must be able to demonstrate them to a high level first!


The DVRT Clean and Press Standards

All tests are done within 5 minutes:

Women under 150 pounds: 40 pound Strength USB for 50 repetitions

Women over 150 pounds: 60 pound Strength USB for 40 repetitions

Men under 170 pounds: 60 pound Strength USB for 50 repetitions

Men from 171-210 pounds: 80 pound Burly USB for 40 repetitions

Men from 210+ pounds: 100 pound Burly USB for 40 repetitions

We also allow you to complete this testing after the course by sending in a video, you will up to three months to do so after the course.

An email will be sent to you upon signing up with a manual on how to help train for the test.