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Crazy Cardio Ultimate Sandbag Workout

sandbag workout

Like most people, I began training 20 years ago by doing the same thing in the gym. I would lift for 45-60 minutes and then go to the “cardio” area to do at least another 30 minutes. After all, that was how you both built muscle and then burned fat.

That seems to be okay when you are 20 years old, that is spending 2 hours at the gym. As you get older than time seems to shrink more and more. More life commitments equals less time and that is why so many people throw in the towel when it comes to achieving their fitness goals. They can’t even see how in the world they would fit exercise into an already crazy life! Especially when most believe that working out requires the types of training that I described.

Thank goodness we have learned over the years that not only is it okay to NOT train like this, but most of us are better off training differently. Yes, this is going to spur a discussion on high intensity training. I know most of you THINK you know high intensity. Whether it is Tabata, timed circuits, and even Crossfit.

Proper high intensity is a combination of the right exercises and programming

Here is the problem, most people don’t REALLY know what high intensity is! That’s right, when a lot of us use high intensity protocols we pace the exercise too much or choose the wrong exercises. For example, when you do 30 seconds of all out effort most people only use the last ten seconds as the time they go as hard as possible. This is just as big of mistake as choosing exercises like biceps curls as part of your high intensity workout. In both cases the high intensity isn’t high enough.

That is why I love giving you guys ideas with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. We can do a lot, have fun, be challenged, and learn to do it smarter!

Recently I got some great ideas by renown strength coach, Robert Dos Remedios. Coach Dos has been a leader in trying to get people to understand how to perform REAL high intensity workouts correctly. His BIG pet peeve is people not going hard enough and therefore not taking the correct rest.

Think about this, how long could you sprint your absolute hardest? For most people that ends up being about 15-20 seconds till the speed drops too much where you aren’t getting the benefit. Interestingly enough, if you train this hard how long does it take to recover? For most they are lucky to recover in 40-45 seconds. Yes, WAY longer that most people actually rest, but that is because again, most people are not using the right intensity.

This allows us to use Coach Dos’ protocols and use concepts of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. Like this fun DVRT complex can be broken down in the following manner….

Lateral Step Cleans for 20 seconds, 40 seconds of rest

MAX Lunge Cleans for 20 seconds, 40 seconds of rest

Burpee to Clean for 20 seconds, 40 seconds of rest

Lateral Drag (slow down that drag for extra intensity!) for 20 seconds, 40 seconds of rest

You might be scoffing at the idea of this Ultimate Sandbag workout, but here is the trick. It is meant to be done for 20-25 minutes! That is TOUGH to repeat that high intensity for THAT long! Not to mention your goal should be to hit 5-6 reps each side in that time! Yes, this means you have to use a weight for this Ultimate Sandbag workout that makes you work to developing REAL power and strength. If you are hitting reps of 8 or even 10 the weight is TOO LIGHT!

When you do this for the appropriate time you find this Ultimate Sandbag workout is a beast! Remember I said this was better than training for 2 hours, not easier! Try it and let us know how you did on our Facebook group HERE!