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Creating Ultimate Sandbag Workouts


Ultimate Sandbag workouts don’t seem to fit the typical training
regime. At least that is what a lot of people think and to be honest,
they are pretty much right! COULD you make Ultimate Sandbag workouts look like some of the more common gym type of workouts? Yea, you could, but I don’t think that is taking full advantage of the power of Ultimate Sandbag workouts.


On our Facebook Fan page this past week, we opened up to our group to ask their top questions about Ultimate Sandbag workouts. Some great ones came about, but I loved one from Doc! It already seems like Doc is making great progress with his Ultimate Sandbag workouts, but he had a great question…
“Is there a good way to split the workouts? I know the system doesn’t
fit into upper and lower days very well at first glance but I am
having a problem trying to visualize how many times a week and how to
mix and integrate workouts. I have lost 20 lbs thus far just doing
1-3x a week but would like to get your opinion on frequency or
We could set-up our Ultimate Sandbag workouts to fit “upper and lower” body type of training, but I think we would definitely miss out with some better strategies that can yield even better results! It takes
you being a bit more of an “outside the box” thinker about fitness
programs, but I promise you the results will be well worth the effort.
Many people are often surprised that I recommend that people only
start performing Ultimate Sandbag workouts three days a week. Yes,
three days! Because Ultimate Sandbag workouts are so incredibly
demanding that you need time to recover. Most people make the mistake of thinking they gain results by what they do in the gym, but the
truth is that your fitness results are based upon to recover or heal
from your training.  If you keep stressing your body and never let it
recover you won’t see much changes to your fitness.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything else for the week. In
fact, it will help you recover from your training and help you make
faster progress if you can raise your activity level, but keep the
intensity down. Like what? Stretching, yoga, hiking, basically low
intensity activities that keep you moving and hopefully in ways that
help you stretch out from your intense Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

Ok, what are your Ultimate Sandbag workouts going to look like? We are going to base the workouts off of movements, not exercises. That way you can have a lot of options to vary, progress, and really enjoy your Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

Here is a short list of possible movements for your Ultimate Sandbag workouts:

-Overhead Pressing
-Lower Body Pulling
-Horizontal Pressing

You could add in direct core work, or even rotational training, but I
am keeping it relatively simple right now for your Ultimate Sandbag

So, let’s break it down a bit further so you can see all the options
you have and then we will layout how you construct your own Ultimate
Sandbag workouts.

Ultimate Sandbag Squats:

-Bear Hug
-Front Loaded (Zercher)
-Staggered Bear Hug
-Staggered Front Loaded
-Staggered Rear Shoulder
-Staggered Front Shoulder

Ultimate Sandbag Overhead Press Change Body Position. This doesn’t
exhaust our options, but gives you a good framework for your Ultimate
Sandbag workouts.

sandbag workouts

-Bilateral Press
-Military Press
-Staggered Press
-Kneeling Press
-Half Kneeling Press

Ultimate Sandbag Lunges, we will keep the direction you lunge the same (drop step) and then you can always change after you exhaust some of these options for your Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

Having the USB on the same side as the lead leg or opposite side is a simple way to make a DVRT exercise more difficult or easier. 

-Front Loaded
-Rear Hip
-Front Hip
-Rear Shoulder
-Front Shoulder

Ultimate Sandbag pulls mean when you have the hips “pulling” the
Ultimate Sandbag upwards. There are A LOT of options here when you mix
in all the variables in Ultimate Sandbag workouts. Here are but a


sandbag workouts

No shortage of easy ways to take a couple of USBs and have plenty of phenomenal Ultimate Sandbag workouts

-Front Loaded Good Mornings
-Power Cleans
-Single Leg Deadlifts
-Single Leg Front Loaded Good Mornings
-High Pulls
-Lateral Lunge Clean
-Rotational Lunges

One of the most overlooked aspects of Ultimate Sandbag workouts is the
use of rowing movements. These are very important to help balance out
the shoulder joint and again, for now, we will just change the body
position, but hand position is another great way to expand with your
Ultimate Sandbag workouts.

-Back Foot Elevated
-Single Leg
-Lateral Lunge

While Ultimate Sandbags aren’t ideal for bench pressing (although can
be done), there are a lot of great drills where we can perform similar
movements that will also hit the core to a high degree.

-Bird Dog
-Lateral Bag Drags
-Supine Arc Press
-Press to Leg Raise

Once you start seeing some of these ideas in your Ultimate Sandbag
workouts on paper, you can start seeing how the workouts we provide
you fit into these models. Watch today’s training video and see how
you can identify the Ultimate Sandbag movements. Next time we will
talk about reps and sets and of course how they mix into creating your
Ultimate Sandbag workouts!