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Crush Plateaus

Crush Plateaus with Smarter Training!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Progressions

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I make some lofty promises about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. I know there are those that roll their eyes, think I am some overhype machine, but it is often funny because I think THEY are crazy!

sandbag training

Some great coaches have used Ultimate Sandbag Training to truly transform lives!

Some people can doubt the power of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system, but I have seen it work just too many different times for too many different people!

The key in the effectiveness comes in how you choose to use DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. I remember when I had made my first army duffel sandbag I thought it was cool. It was just brutally hard and I loved that! However, like so many things the “newness” factor wears off pretty fast. Then you are left with the fact either something works or it doesn’t!

Why do you think so many not only fitness enthusiasts, but even fitness professionals are found jumping from one tool to another, one program to another? It is actually maddening to me!!!!

You see here is the real dirty secret of fitness….

No one really knows how to progress their training!

You may call b.s. on me here, but let me explain.

How do most people tell you to make a workout harder?

Adding more weight has to be earned, not rushed

Adding more weight has to be earned, not rushed

Make the weights heavier? Hmmm, this has a low ceiling for anyone but a beginner. You see that is the trick, many “fitness experts” show you something new and because it is new you see some rapid improvements in the weights you can lift. This is an old neurological trick. Basically your body is learning the movement and as it adapts it becomes smarter so you get “strong” really fast, but all of sudden you can’t keep jumping weights like you were use to. That is why small weight increases in more experienced lifters is pretty impressive. Don’t mistake novel for effective!

Do more work! Hmmm, this must be the answer as we do live in a culture where more is always better, right?! There was the 300 workout, the 1000 workout, and even 10,000 workout! I wish I was joking. There is always a fine line between work that is productive and that which makes you overtrain. Your fitness level, stress level, nutrition, sleep, and age all make an impact on how much work you can handle. It is the classic situation of more not being better, but better being better. What does this mean? I’ll show you in a second!

Run though it like a bull in a China shop! We live in the age where people are more interested in how fast they can fly through a repetition, exercise, or workout, rather than what they are actually achieving from any of it. There is time where speed can be a good thing, but more times than not, slowing things down make a workout more challenging and productive.

scolding-grandmother-3899276I know, NO ONE likes the “no-no police”. It is annoying to hear “don’t this, don’t do that!” Trust me, I am not trying to take away from you having fun or many great options to progress or add variety to your training. Let’s just make it smarter and you will see you have way more options that yield way better results!

Speed: Before I let people speed up in a lot of movements, I like to take them the other direction first! Especially during the lowering phase add anywhere from a 5-10 second lowering count and see how that INSTANTLY changes your workout! You will find yourself probably dropping some repetitions but try to keep with the same weight!

How You Stand: One of the things that people almost NEVER do! Use to using Ultimate Sandbag Training overhead presses in your workout? Instead of standing, move to a Staggered Stance, Kneeling, or Half Kneeling position. Again, your reps may drop but try to use the same weight. You will find trying to maintain that perfect posture turns on some brand new muscles!

How You Hold the Weight: Between how you stand and how you hold a weight in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system, we have some very unique options for people. It actually quickly expands what you can do with the same weight but make the exercise feel completely different. Pressing or rowing with an Off-Set grip is going to be feel different, using an Arc Press or Grip Row is going to add even MORE challenge. You don’t have to do it on every lift, but switch how you hold the Ultimate Sandbag to get a whole new feel.

Think you got your Bear Hug Squats down? Definitely move to some Front Loaded or Shoulder Squats for additional challenges!

Change the Order: Do you always put those “mirror muscle” exercises first in your workout? Squats, push-ups, etc.? How about some deadlifts, lunges, cleans, or rows being first? Like all things, we usually get the most out of what we put first. Give a switch up to the order of your exercises and see how your weaknesses can become strengths and how you crush some plateaus.

Hopefully after seeing all the things you CAN do with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training you won’t fall prey to the same old programming mistakes. Just by making ONE of these changes a time you can continue to make long-term progress and stop the insanity of randomly switching your workouts!


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