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Defiant Strength

Believe it or not, I do enjoy things other than fitness. Yes, dogs are high on that list, but I love learning how successful people became successful people. That meant I was pretty pumped to watch a new CNN special on Steve Jobs. It is hard to argue that anyone has impacted our current culture more than Jobs. 

I learned a lot about Mr. Jobs, not all super awesome. He was pretty cut throat, questionable ethics at times, but hard to deny how he has changed our world and what we THINK is possible. 

Besides any specific technology, I think THAT is the coolest thing about what Steve Jobs did, he created things we didn’t know COULD exist, what IS possible. In fact, the big marketing push that Apple did that brought them back from the dead was the idea of “think different.” That of course was the source of this classic Jobs’ quote. 


That is really powerful as you think about all the people who have had a profound impact on history weren’t those that just followed what everyone else was doing. They stood back and were willing to think differently. People probably thought they were crazy, they often weren’t even appreciated in their own time. Yet, they are the ones that shape our current world. 


How in the world does this relate to something like fitness? Is it even THAT important to our world? Well, if you believe in changing the world and yourself, the answer should be a resounding YES!

The Center for Disease Control had estimates that 69% of the US population in 2012 was overweight or obese. Think about that for a moment 7 out of ten people you know fall into those categories, crazy right?! 

Well, how about if I throw this out at you too. According to IHRSA (one of the major organizations keeping track of fitness statistics), health club revenue was up to over $24 billion in 2014. So, people are trying to not be a statistic but things aren’t working. 

That is what really fuels Jessica and myself, knowing that people WANT to be better, but how do you help them accomplish a simple, but lofty goal. Keep doing what isn’t working in the industry is by definition the meaning of insanity. 

We don’t want you to get an Ultimate Sandbag to just “exercise”, we want you to be different about EVERYTHING you do with your health. I think the Ultimate Sandbag is a beautiful representation of this idea of “defiant strength” we have been talking about here at DVRT HQ. 

What do I mean? Not just going along with what is popular, not doing was is easy to sell, not pandering to people, but really trying to make a change with an innovative idea of “alive strength”. Something that will greatly change how you see and perform your fitness the results will speak even louder. 

The biggest reason I know we are up for the fight to keep promoting this defiant style of strength training is because of the amazing results we keep seeing from people. Not just dropping a few pounds, but really impacting their lives! 

A great example is an inspiring story I got from DVRT coach and owner of 168 Fitness, Chad Skrederstu. I leave it to Chad to share….

“…I snapped this one this morning. It’s a neat story Mike had L4 and L5 surgery a year ago and used to be a stud and came to us out of shape and really down. When we saw him he was was three months post opp and he saw people doing the Clean and Press challenge and I told him that we would get him to do that move in 6 months. Long story short he’s lost 20 lbs and ran a spartan race in a really short time thanks to DVRT.”


That is pretty awesome in of itself, but what Chad told me next made me pretty choked up!  

“This was the first amputee I had ever worked with and I didn’t know how it would go because he’s only had it for 7 months..”


He had me choked up really for two reasons. The first being the most obvious that Mike is a pretty inspirational and amazing story that should make each of us to want to get better. The other is seeing the impact DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has for people just reinforces that thinking differently can result in some really life changing events. That isn’t just for Mike, but us too. 

If you knew things could always be better, if you knew that you wanted to be better, then I offer you to join our DVRT community. We challenge ourselves more than anyone else, with a singular goal to see our world become better!


Want to get started on your DVRT journey?! Education is KING! We have 5 spots left for our discounted DVRT Level 1 Online certification HERE. Already certified, but want this amazing resource? Email us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com/dev.