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Do This Exercise Not That One!

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Probably one of the most unique aspects of DVRT isn’t anything that has to do with the training tool or the system of progressions. It is our very simple, but almost no one else says it, philosophy that “you don’t have to do every exercise, you have to do the RIGHT exercise.”

I think that is just so important because many times people see a cool exercise they want to go do and when they go try to perform it, it doesn’t go so well for them. The saddest part is they write off the entire training because if they can’t do THAT exercise then the type of training isn’t for them.

That even happens to us because people often don’t realize that DVRT has SO many progressions that one movement is layered upon another. So, I wanted to cover some of the drills that people say they struggle with in our system and what you should be doing instead to get to that point or learn what is good for YOUR body because everyone is so different.

Clean And Press

Our clean and press is a big part of DVRT but not for the reasons that many people think. Even our clean and press (really push press) test isn’t about the exercise itself or being really “tough”. Rather, the clean and press in DVRT combines so many great elements.

-Power development

-Reactive stability


-Movement accuracy

-Deceleration strength

fitness challenge

The value of ANY exercise comes from the purpose behind it, not just doing it. When a lot of people see our clean and press they think they will hurt their shoulders because of often past bad experiences. That’s understandable and in fact, there are people that going overhead isn’t going to be good for them in the sense of a clean and press. So, what can you do instead?

Arc Pressing

While a lot of people struggle with bilateral pressing, they can often do it if you use only one arm. Our arc presses are a very shoulder friendly drill and helps a lot of people learn the foundations of good pressing that actually save their shoulders!

DVRT Master, Kari Negraiff gives some great tips on getting more out of your Arc Presses

Lateral Plank Drags

There are a handful of DVRT exercises that I think people just instantly think about when they think about our training. The lateral plank drag is definitely one of them. It is actually a VERY advanced drill when it is done correctly because you have so many elements that have to be executed. There is the quality of the plank itself, there is the positioning of the Ultimate Sandbag, there is the very slow movement that should be prioritized. What we often see are pretty poor lateral plank drags.

ultimate sandbag exercises

For a lot of people they love the idea of the movement, but it is just too advanced and they don’t know what else to do. Well, good thing we have a solution for that!

Ara Keshishian explains below why not all training tools work the same for the drag.

If you can’t do the lateral plank drag in the manner we have broken down, what then? Well my favorite alternative is to use many of our extensive bird dog progressions. They can teach many of the similar concepts and allow us to build up to the level of doing the lateral plank well so we can get the benefits from it!

Rotational Exercises

The last one I am discussing isn’t one exercise, but a general classification of movements. People typically either love or hate rotational training. Those that love it realize it is an important and foundational human movement pattern. Those that hate it think you are going to tear up your low back and possibly shoulders too! The latter group isn’t completely wrong, if you were to perform rotational movements incorrectly then you could do hard to your body, however, that can really be said about literally any type of training right?

You can see how we lay the foundation for rotational exercises is essential both in keeping our bodies safe, but also getting the desired result.

Coach Megan Berner shows some great cues and progressions we can use to optimize rotational training.

You can see that you really don’t have to do every exercise or any one specific exercise in our DVRT system. We want the system to work for you and your goals. That means knowing what you are trying to accomplish and how to best go about doing so. That is what our DVRT system is about, helping you discover and understand what the best exercises for your fitness goals are!

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