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Do You Believe in Magic

Do You Believe In Magic?-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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by Amanda Thebe, DVRT Master Trainer

I often talk about the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system, and how it is revolutionising the fitness world, but I have never really explained why I really love using the system and the Ultimate Sandbags.

Let me start by telling you why I got involved in with DVRT?

I have followed the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag, Josh Henkin for the last 5 years after being introduced to him by Strength and Coach Superstar, Coach Dos Remedios. I’d watch his workouts using the Ultimate Sandbags and just couldn’t wait to try them myself, which really was the start of my Ultimate Sandbag Training journey.

After playing around with some of the basic moves for years, I just wanted to advance my understanding of how to use them and apply these principals with my clients – so jumped at the opportunity last March to do the Level 1 & 2 certification myself. And to be honest it was like NO other certification I have ever taken – and let me tell you I have more certs to my name than I care to admit.

I left that certification with more information than I knew what to do with. I walked into the weekend course expecting to learn how to use my sandbag correctly, but left with a whole system of multi-planar exercises, that can be regressed for an absolute beginner or post-rehab client and advanced all the way to a pro-athlete, with a system that works with the movement of the body in a safe and effective way, producing real results in fat loss, movement patterns, strength gains, athletic prowess – to name but a few.

So what is DVRT?

It means, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, and it truly is one of the most advanced systems you can study – the system was developed to work successfully with the Ultimate Sandbag, but has huge cross-overs into other types of training, in fact, it’s the perfect compliment.

BUT it’s so much more than that!!

Last month I had the honour to be part of the team of DVRT Master Trainers, assisting in the DVRT Level 1 & 2 certification at Mark FIsher Fitness, NYC. For me it was a wonderful opportunity to share the knowledge with new participants from the fitness industry, ranging from enthusiasts to gym owners. I also had the chance to reinforce my knowledge of the system, which is fairly expansive, so review is often necessary.

ultimate sandbag training

Some of the MANY faces of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

One of the participants came up to me at the end and said;
“This is just so much more than I expected – I know so much now and thought I would just be lifting a sandbag up and down – WOW! I can’t wait to share this with everybody”.

People are getting REALLY EXCITED!!.

Why Is It So Successful?

There are a number of reasons I believe the popularity is growing so quickly, the obvious one being that it is such a versatile and effective way of training, really it is like no other. That might be why so many people want to narrow it down to a “sandbag”, but they would be missing out big time!

Though for me I think two other main factors are part of the growth;

Community – you become part of the DVRT family. And it’s a real thing! We are a growing nation of passionate fitness peeps, who just want to share the love. We openly champion each other in our endeavours with guidance and honesty. The community is something that makes me very proud.






Belief – I remember at Mark Fisher, somebody came up to me and said, how she realised it was not really about selling somebody on the Ultimate Sandbag product, but more about having a sincere belief in the system, a system that has proven effectiveness – and that is EXCITING!

On a personal level I have seem changes to my body that I would not have expected and continue to be challenged and amazed at the way the system is evolving.

And that really is the Magic of DVRT – it truly is a wonderful thing. And I want to make sure everybody hears about it!

So do want to join the party?

DVRT coming to Toronto in June and it will be hosted by Coach Fury and myself, based at the wonderful Primal Movement gym. It is also being combined with HKC Kettlebell Certification, so you get the opportunity to enhance and learn many new skills.