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Drive Your Conditioning WAY Up with Ultimate Sandbag Training

It is hard for people to buy into things being “too good to be true.” I get it, I am often far more of a skeptic at things, especially at first. However, when I tell you how Ultimate Sandbag Training can improve strength, mobility, and conditioning a lot of people are going to get that skepticism too! Even worse is the fact that I am going to tell you that you can accomplish this all at once?! Don’t worry, as always I am going to PROVE to you that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can live up to such strong claims. 

I don’t blame people that think this way, heck, if it wasn’t my system I might think the same. In fact a good friend/colleague of mine loves telling the story how he watched our stuff for two years before trying it. He was convinced that the strategies we use in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training work as well as we show. Just to justify it to himself he tried a few of our drills and he hasn’t looked back since. Often he says that he is only mad at himself for waiting two years. 

The key though isn’t whether something is simple or not, but understanding what we are trying to achieve out of each exercise and the nuances behind it. After all, when people go through our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training courses they think they know how to do things like deadlift, clean and press, and even MAX lunge. Yet, when they actually learn the intent and details the exercises totally change for them. 


One great example of this taking a popular exercise like the Thruster and putting DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts behind it. The Thruster is a great demonstration of how we can make a drill even more powerful by going beyond just heavier and faster. After all, that is how most think they should approach things like building their conditioning and strength. 

Sure, going heavier and doing more works, to a degree. If that was the best method people would never hit their inevitable plateaus. Of course when this happens people think overhauling their program is the best idea. Yet, I believe we can pull from an idea that kettlebell guru, Pavel Tsastouline popularized, “same, but different.”

What Pavel understood was that small changes to a movement could have a profound effect on our nervous system’s reaction to it. In the case of the Thruster we can accomplish this by changing our body position when we perform the exercise. A key concept in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is changing the position of our body when we perform a movement. Something we find ourselves more than happy to do when it comes to body weight training, but are oddly resistant to systemize when it comes to external loading. 

IMG_4590 (1).jpg

Changing body position doesn’t just make things harder, but allows us to progressively change the level of stability of an exercise. By doing so we begin to challenge both how well you are able to integrate different chains of the body as well as your “movement accuracy”. In other words, it is very hard to simply “muscle through” an exercise in these cases you need to possess mobility, stability, and strength all at once. Sounds pretty good and way better than trying to balance on something squishy right?! 

Another great example is the power of our DVRT drills like Up Downs. Most people from the outside would never see it as a powerhouse exercise, but done with the right intent and purpose you get so much out of it. Especially when you see the progressions we put forth to it. 

In this video we show going from most to least complex version of Up Downs. An exercise that time and time again I get emails from gyms SHOCKED at how this delivers such high heart rates while also building important qualities of stability and mobility.

Where does the Ultimate Sandbag fit into this series? Can you do with with anything? Remember, it is what we are DOING with the Ultimate Sandbag that is most important. Creating tension by trying to “break apart” the Ultimate Sandbag engages our core and helps our hips move better. Tying in the kinetic chains of the body is what makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training so challenging, but also effective in producing results!

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