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Dump Your Core Training

Dump Your Core Training-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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There are three DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills that I probably have done a disservice. Not because I don’t like them, not because I don’t think they are incredibly valuable. The truth is I don’t know why I have talked about the Arc Press, Shouldering, and Shoulder Get-up more.




Maybe after working with so many people with  I wanted to establish more of a foundation. How do I mean? With all three of these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training movements, it is easy to do them really badly. Don’t believe me, check out some social media some time! 

What is wrong? For one, people forget the whole benefit of the Shoulder position is to resist bending and twisting. What do I see most of the time when people have the Ultimate Sandbag on the shoulder? You guessed, a bunch of bending and twisting!

I love telling the story of seeing a caricature of a guy holding a sandbag on his shoulder and the cartoon was leaning, seriously?!

Remember, and shoulder position is our side plank. Just as you would never allow people such bad habits with the side plank don’t let it happen in any of the shoulder drills!


sandbag training

Speed is another big one! I’ll be the first to say that these drills are TOUGH! The effectiveness of them just doesn’t come through “getting through them”, rather how they are done. Lifting the Ultimate Sandbag in these drills is not nearly as important as HOW you lift it!

That means for the Shoulder Get-up and Arc Press we go deliberately slowly. I know in the age where people go-go-go, doing something slowly sounds almost “wrong”. However, most people don’t move slower when they are uncomfortable, they go faster! Slowing people down accomplishes several goals….

-people load the right muscles

-you can see where your weaknesses lie

-the lift provides better time under tension which will make you stronger faster!

SLOW DOWN! How slow? More advanced lifters can go slower than beginners. When you are starting these drills aim for 3-4 seconds in the Arc Press and a good 20 seconds in your Shoulder Get-up. I have NO problem if you take longer, but don’t aim to go faster!


sandbag exercises


Be purposeful! When you are performing the Arc Press, for example, key into pressing hard into your feet, push to full lockout with the outside arm and feel your trunk your resisting the lateral pull as you transition to the opposing side.

When performing Shouldering, make sure you set-up without any rounding. You are going to have to drive off the opposite side foot (opposite of the side you are bringing to shoulder) to not only create more power, but to prevent rotating the hips.

In other words, be deliberate and you will get the results! Start with this DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training complex developed by DVRT certified coach, Cameron Harn. Guys, try a Strength Ultimate Sandbag around 60 pounds. Ladies, start with a 35 pound Power Ultimate Sandbag.
Aim to perform two repetitions (one per side) in a minute. Whatever time you are left with, within that minute is your rest. Try to perform ten minutes keeping the technique perfect every rep!

Training with a purpose is training to get results!

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