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DVRT Man of Steel Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

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Fitness should be fun, it should bring out part of us that wants to play and enjoy what we do. We try to make this a big part of our Ultimate Sandbag workouts as we know, if you don’t enjoy the process, you won’t do it! Unfortunately, for so many people, fitness is a chore. I wanted to bring back some of the fun and play like nature of fitness with playing off of the new Man of Steel movie.

I think there are few superheroes as iconic as Superman. I remember growing up with the Superman with Christopher Reeve with some terrific horrible movies (as least Jessica tells me they don’t stand up). Since then, it just hasn’t felt like Superman could be in the present. With the obvious relaunch of a host of superhero movies, you knew that Superman couldn’t be far behind. With a bit of hesitation, we did see the Man of Steel movie this past weekend. I was curious how Zack Snyder who directed “300″ and some other dramatic movies would remake Superman.

I have to say it was very fun and I can see it now! There will be a flood of Man of Steel workout programs. Have to take your hat off to actor, Henry Cavill, who sported a pretty impressive physique for the movie. Mr. Cavill trained with Gym Jones who is famous for also training the cast of “300″. While you can’t complain about the results I began to think “what if real people want to sport that impressive physique?” Probably not too surprising, we are going to look at how Ultimate Sandbag workouts can make you feel like your own superhero!

Can you do Man of Steel Ultimate Sandbag workouts?

Here is the issue, in several interviews Henry Cavill talks about training anywhere from 5-7 hours a day for 5 months. Hmm, does that mean you can only achieve the Man of Steel workout if you completely dedicate your whole life to it? Obviously, if it is your job, the answer is yes. However, can you use a Man of Steel workout that is more reasonable for a real person’s lifestyle? I like to think YES! Let’s see how we can use Ultimate Sandbag workouts to give you more of a real view of how to be super strong and fit!

It comes down to making the most out of the time you are training and of course watching your nutrition. In an effort to have some fun with our own version of the Man of Steel workout, we wanted to pick some ultra powerful DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts as well as borrowing from our VERY popular “DVRT Spartacus Workouts”.

If you follow this Man of Steel Ultimate Sandbag workouts and a smart nutrition program I have no doubt you can achieve very impressive results yourself. Not only our DVRT Man of Steel workout make you look like a superhero, but you will feel as though you can perform like one as well.

As with most of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts, the DVRT Man of Steel workout focuses on not just blasting your body, but working strength, stability, conditioning, and flexibility. I never said that our DVRT Man of Steel workout was easy, but the results will be the result well worth the effort.

I recommend for this DVRT Man of Steel workout that you have one lighter and one heavier Ultimate Sandbag. You will find it will be helpful to have a lighter Ultimate Sandbag when you perform some of the more dynamic drills and heavier for some of the strength based drills in our Man of Steel workout.

While I can promise our DVRT Man of Steel Ultimate Sandbag workouts isn’t easy, I can also tell you that it is darn fun too! With all the different muscles, positions, and various fitness qualities, you will not find yourself getting bored! Don’t worry, if the DVRT Man of Steel workout is a bit too intense for you, cut down the work intervals a bit and extend the rest time. Over time, you can slowly increase your work intervals and decrease your rest intervals, making DVRT Man of Steel workout completely adjustable for your fitness level.

Remember, the quality of your training is the most important aspect, yes, even over making you feel tired! I might recommend your first time performing the DVRT Man of Steel workout you don’t do the most sets and the longest time. You might feel good the first round, but you also might be surprised how fast that fatigue catches up with you! If you take the time to progress through DVRT Man of Steel Ultimate Sandbag workouts you will feel stronger and more powerful, not tired and weakened.

I guess you could say that if you follow our recommendations, the DVRT Man of Steel workout can make you feel like a superhero, if you try to ignore us you just might find your kryptonite:)

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