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DVRT Military Sandbag Training

Military Ultimate Sandbag Training


Today’s post is inspired by the exciting opportunities we have working with various branches of the military. It is an honor to work with our armed services, not just providing them the best in training with the Ultimate Sandbag, but more importantly, education and programming. That is why I wanted to discuss what makes our DVRT military sandbag training so similar to what we discuss in training all of us, our every day athletes.

Saying that people have an an interest in military fitness programs might be a huge understatement. Type in “military fitness” into Amazon and you find over 2300 search results! So, would be speaking about our DVRT program for military sandbag training might seem like a reach. However, some of the greatest experiences I have had in my career is working with various military and tactical teams to develop some incredible DVRT military sandbag training programs.

Having spoken and presented to firefighter departments, develop fitness plans for SWAT and special forces programs, I have learned quite a great deal about what these amazing men and women need! Many people think that a DVRT military sandbag training program would be about outrageously intense training programs that would make the average human convulse on the ground.

The reality is that the needs of a tactical athlete are some of the very similar fitness training that the rest of us require as well. DVRT military sandbag training is about looking at the needs of the tactical athlete. Long hours, unpredictable environments, heavy gear, and awkward positions make DVRT military sandbag training different from a lot of these crazy military fitness programs. We address the NEEDS rather than just trying to wear out these important professionals.

DVRT Military Sandbag Training is about Building Up, Not Breaking Down!

Why is exhaustion not the goal of the DVRT military sandbag training program? They can’t afford to be destroyed! Being able to be called to duty at any time means tactical athletes can’t be torn down and beaten up. Imagine a SWAT team being called into duty after just finishing a body pounding workout? Not only could they be ineffective, but risk people’s lives and well being. Just like the rest of us, a DVRT military sandbag training workout is about providing the optimal amount of stress to cause positive changes in fitness, not abusing one’s fitness.

“Isn’t tactical athlete have to be unpredictable?” Um, no. Tactical athletes train and train and train their skills. They prepare as much as possible for the demands of their job. I am sorry, I don’t care how intense a workout you perform, it can’t meet the mental and physical stress of being on a job for hours on end in intense environments. If I were to change your DVRT military sandbag training workout day to day, it could never prepare the tactical athlete for the real demands of their job that they spend an incredible amount of time preparing.

Instead, we want to look at what tactical athletes need and how a sound and well thought out DVRT military sandbag training program can address these issues. For example, knee injuries are quite common in many different tactical athletes. Whether it is hard running and marching on unforgiving terrain for hours, to running stairs, hard impacts, you name it! Working on using a DVRT military sandbag training program to give strength and power to the hamstrings, lower leg, and hip can go a long way in building a stronger and more tolerant knee. In fact, when I worked with a SWAT team leader (name must be with held), he was having nagging knee pain that was impacting his job performance. Spending time on many of our single leg DVRT progressions he saw dramatic improvements in pain and was able to feel as though he could maintain his position on the team.

Low back issues are another need for the tactical athlete. The DVRT military sandbag training programs focus largely on not only developing strength, but mobility as well. By using the different holding positions of the USB, our DVRT military sandbag training programs practically and safely address the awkward positions and angles that they will endure on the job as well as better tolerating the heavy gear they will have to wear for very extended periods of time.

What about conditioning? Fitness is about an accumulative effect, not beating yourself in the ground here and there. Specific times and parts of our DVRT military sandbag training program is devoted to anaerobic fitness, but these are planned and purposeful. Not every DVRT military sandbag training workout is about destroying your body, but rather building the tactical athlete back up. It is about finding how much you can recover from, not how much abuse you put yourself through.

Does our DVRT military sandbag training program really work? Don’t take my word for it, but the commanding officer Fred Dummar that commissioned me to create a program specifically to prepare soldiers for the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion,

“Coach Josh Henkin, Another shout out for the ULTIMATE SANDBAG! 11 months from having a hamstring tendon used to replace my ACL, and a donor tendon used to repair my LCL to finishing the Graveyard 100 mile run. A critical part of my rehab were the tools and knowledge from the Selected program. Thanks brother!
Cheers, Doom

Smarter training, not harder training it what makes people elite!

DVRT Military Sandbag Training is a post from: Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness System by Josh Henkin