DVRT Restoration

We are truly excited to launch our newest DVRT program! This program will take the DVRT principles of movement and apply them to a restorative program that focuses on stability, mobility and improving overall movement patterns. Truly bridging the gap of corrective and functional fitness.

DVRT Restoration was developed by physical therapist Jessica Bento who has over a decade of experience in the realm of physical therapy and also by Josh Henkin who is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with over a 20 year of experience in the fitness industry. Together they have developed DVRT Restoration.


Disclaimer: It needs to be stated that the intent of DVRT Restoration is NOT to give therapeutic diagnosis, but rather to develop meaningful, quick, and powerful strategies that just about any health care or fitness professional can use.


The obvious question is, “is this a correctives program?” Yes and no. The reason for the mixed answer is because it really depends on the intent of the user. While DVRT Restoration can be used to reduce issues with injuries (assuming you have also contacted your health care provider), its major job is to find deficiencies in your movement that are keeping you from performing, feeling, and improving more. Simply, accomplishing the overall goal of strength training which is to improve movement efficiency.
Since we now know that in the eyes of DVRT, functional training is really “movement efficiency”, we can use these concepts for any individual to really gage where their deficiencies may lie. More than thinking that DVRT Restoration is a separate entity in training, we rather see movement on a continuum and try to identify where the individual lies on that movement continuum. You may find very advanced clients can utilize the following information as well as beginners that are just starting their journey into functional training. We provide you with some specific examples to best utilize the information in this program.

DVRT Restoration will delve a bit deeper into why and what is causing these movement compensations.


-9 Training modules to break down the science and real world application of corrective exercise, restorative movement, and real world strength training.

-70 Training videos with over 3 1/2 hours of cuing and teaching of the progressive system of DVRT Restoration.

-Continuing Education Credits will be available for online AND live events

DVRT Restoration is a comprehensive program looking to build quality movement from the foundational to complex. Most fitness programs focus upon exercises, yet, the most important aspect to build before any other is the ability to move well. Based upon the most cutting-edge research, physical therapy techniques, and years of implementation the DVRT Restoration gives rapid improvements in all aspects of functional fitness. You will be shocked at how fast your flexibility improves, your strength increases, and your overall well-being heightens. The DVRT Restoration program is perfect for any ability level and addresses the most common issues those that wish to attain their fitness goals. That is our promise to you!


“I absolutely loved the DVRT Restoration Course. It was so well organized and thorough, in the way it was delivered and laid out. This course did an amazing job in ‘bridging the gap’ which is the buzz trend at the moment to the rehab world and the strength world. But here’s the thing. It is all about moving well and with purpose and in doing so, the strength, will come and the imbalances will correct. It was a humbling experience and the best way. This education, when applied, does and will make you stronger in life and in performance. I was honored to be a part of the inaugural Restoration Program, here in the US and would love to experience it again and again. This course is rich with nuggets. Josh has a way of communicating the information, so that all and any level, can absorb it and quickly go and apply it. Awesome course!! I would recommend this for any clinician and coach/trainers!!”

– Elizabeth Andrews~ Personal Trainer for Elite Sport and Spine out of Seattle

“DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Restoration is a course in a different level, I LOVE this course because it helped me to understand more how to make my clients and athletes movements and performance better in different planes of motion by challenging their stability and mobility. If you CARE about yourself and your clients you should take this course.”

– Ara Keshishian Siraki ~ Personal Trainer out of Southern California

“I had the opportunity to attend Josh and Jessica’s Restoration Class and Level 1 DVRT Certification class on August 21 and 22, 2016. I have used the sandbags in my own training and was very excited to learn more about the benefits of using sandbags in my daily training and for my clients. This class taught me the importance of functional movement and how to move my body more effectively and efficiently. I have learned that overwhelming the nervous system can lead us to regress in our training instead of progress. This class gave me a better understanding that improving movement is more than a function of adding load and to always work from a baseline of movement patterns from very stable to more unstable positions.”

– Joyce Leslie, personal Trainer out of Seattle, WA

We hope you have the chance to attend a live DVRT Restoration event or checkout the online program once it is available!

For more questions on DVRT Restoration please contact Jessica@ultimatesandbagtraining.com