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DVRT Ultimate Sandbag & Bodyweight Workout

Ultimate Sandbag Training & Bodyweight Workout: DVRT Flow

It is one of the most important things in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, to have synergy. What do I mean? We live in a time in fitness which is both super exciting and equally confusing. There are tons of not just programs, but tools one can use in their journey of attaining their results. 

What has that become in fitness? A whole lot of “stuff” being done. If you guys have been following me you know I am a big fan of stupid movies. One of my favorites has to be Stepbrothers. There is a scene where Wil Ferrell and John C. Reilly are wanting to make bunkbeds. After they do stack their beds they are so excited about all the room for “activities” they have. I think there is actually a strong fitness message here as well. 

Trainers are going with bigger and bigger facilities in hope to do more “activities”. Not things that flow with each other, but just things. Trust me, I’ve been to some really nice looking ones! Is that bad? Well, it makes for a really odd shaped puzzle. 

The whole goal of exercises and training equipment is to move you closer to achieving your goals. When the pieces fit really well it is easy to accomplish many different things. When you just put random pieces from different puzzles together you THINK you are going to get something awesome but actually get something that looks forced. Unfortunately that is a lot of how people train. 

I think of the time I was at a crazy buffet. There was this one that had Chinese food, french fries, fried chicken, and pasta. Individually, these things are awesome, but the mere thought of combining them made me actually quite sick (don’t worry I didn’t actually go down that road of eating them). That is fitness. 

People do a little Olympic lifts, a bit of kettlebells, some suspension training, a sled push here, and a few Ultimate Sandbag drills there. That SOUNDS awesome but really just ends up being bundled, confused, lack of result producing workouts. 

Now, I am not asking you to give up the stuff you like, rather find synergy. How does doing a kettlebell exercise work with a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag drill? Can one feed the other? If you are doing Olympic lifts would you benefit from adding some Rotational Lunges into your program to help add a more stable base for your power development? 

That is why when we came out with our new DVRT Flow program I wanted to simplify in how real results can be achieved. Simple, our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and bodyweight exercises. Doesn’t sound bad right? 

sandbag training

Well, it wasn’t just about random bodyweight exercises and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training but how they could compliment, feed, and help each other. How do the concepts in doing smart bodyweight exercises teach you similar principles for your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag movements. 

Like what? How does a walking plank correlate to a Shoulder Squat? A LOT! How do body rows correspond with a snatch? Yep, you start to see that they are meant to work together. It isn’t about, here is a bodyweight exercise, here is a Ultimate Sandbag drill. 

In order to prove to you this is the way to train, we are making the program bigger and more accessible than ever. DVRT Flow contains 20 NEW programs like the one above and if you use our early black Friday deal “dvrtfriday” you can get it at a special price HERE!

sandbag workouts

Let’s make 2015 your best fitness to date with smarter, more challenging, and fun programs!