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DVRT University Is HERE! Your BIGGEST & BEST Exercise Library

exercise library

Why did we start DVRT University? 

That’s probably the most important question before anything else! Over the years we have heard the feedback from our DVRT community that they wished there was a singular place where they could go back and reference information rather easily as well as keep learning new concepts. Before, that was pretty challenging and daunting for us to accomplish. 

Fortunately, we never gave up. As we explored ways of accomplishing such a lofty goal we started to see that it COULD be done well and to everyone’s benefit. Then came the challenging part, how would we organize such a program so people could easily find what they were looking for in regards to different training goals?

DVRT is such a vast system and thinks about training the body more holistically that just doing “bicep exercises” and “quad workouts” wasn’t going to cut it and went against what we were trying to teach people about the body and how it functions. Instead, we looked at how we could take our existing model and make it accessible to anyone who wanted to help themselves or others achieve more from their training. 

exercise libarary

This thought process resulted in us thinking about splitting up DVRT University first around our DVRT Rx, L.I.F.T., Progressive Kettlebell Movement, and our Myofascial Integrated Movement systems. Just right there is A LOT of information to share, but we realized that could be too difficult to find what people needed and left out some important content. 

So, we started to segment our DVRT Rx into the three biggest problem areas of the body (shoulders, knees, and low back), we included our DVRT strength and power concepts, as well as wanted to include a section on professional development. Having been in the industry for almost 30 years, having our own facility for over 10 years, and doing DVRT for 20 years, we thought we could share how to be successful in an industry where success is hard to find. 

DVRT University

Our biggest challenge was not to overwhelm people when they would first come to DVRT University. After all, just with those categories we could literally have hundreds of videos in each one. However, if you are like me, that would be very intimidating and few people would probably want to undertake navigating such a resource. That is why we have started with some good foundations that give plenty for people to watch, learn, practice, and implement to see how successful these concepts really are to anyone’s training. 

That allows us to every month add new content to all these areas and keep having you grow at a reasonable pace where you don’t get overwhelmed. Best of all, you can keep going back to those foundations and re-watching them whenever you want, wherever you want. Your library will continue to grow over time just as your skills and results do as well. 

Finally, we wanted to be able to interact with our DVRT community more. DVRT University gives us that opportunity where you can directly speak with physical therapist, Jessica Bento and myself, you can have input in the content you would like to see, and you will get weekly tips that will keep you organized, motivated, and excited to learn. 

sandbag training

This may sound like it would cost a fortune, but that was our goal as well. We wanted to have all this amazing information accessible to you for not a lot of money. DVRT University costs less than .75 cents a day! Why are we doing that? Because we believe that helping people live better lives and giving the right information and tools can really inspire great things for people. For 20 years we have had such wonderful support from so many people, we want to make sure we can do the same for our community. 

We hope that you are as excited for this major new venture with DVRT and you will join us in helping change so many lives for the better. If you have any questions you can email us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com and we hope you will check out how amazing DVRT University is for helping you make the difference we all inspire to achieve. 

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