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Dynamic Ultimate Sandbag Training and Kettlebell Workout

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You might think I am crazy to say that walking might be the best form of strength training out there! Well, okay, not JUST walking, but learning how to really move while lifting. That is why today’s post works so well with what Annmarie was discussing in the simplicity of just using a park to train smarter (READ HERE). 

What is the world am I talking about? All this discussion about our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Sprinter Stance concepts and positional training has been leading to talking more about what makes us so uniquely human, walking and running. 

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We often take these movements for granted because they are something we just do so much during the day. Maybe not running, but walking is something we do more than anything else. It is so under appreciated that when I ask most fitness professionals what is the movement we do more than any, I’ll hear squatting, maybe “picking something up.” The reality is we walk more than we do anything else. 

Of course you can’t walk wrong though right? Well, most people actually do! I made the mistake of asking Jessica if she could write a “little” something about gait analysis (when we examine walking patterns) and she looked at me with that death stare only a wife can. “There is no such thing as a little gait analysis.” She explained to me that such a thing was a semester of study in physical therapy school. Okay, point taken, but I do think we can look at a few key concepts and how it relates to your strength training. 

Walking is so important that it even makes up one of the fundamental movement patterns listed by spine expert, Dr. Stuart McGill. We can see why when we see the complexity of the movement and the fact it has elements of almost everything else we train! There is hip extension, hip flexion, knee flexion/extension, core stability, pelvic strength, arm action, and tons of foot/ankle mechanics. Whew! All that for something we take pretty much for granted! 


So, what can you do? One great start is to start using exercises that teach us aspects of proper human locomotion. That often means progressing your favorite exercises in new ways you may have not imagined. Doing so opens the door to a lot of fun, but purposeful training concepts. 

In order to show you how, I wanted to use a special DVRT workout focused on kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbag Training. Kettlebells can offer us some unique aspects to train, especially the ability to load one side while the other is moving. This is an important way of teaching how the body to properly use the core and stabilize from side to side. 

The Ultimate Sandbag Training allows us to move in angles and positions that just normally aren’t possible. More sophisticated training isn’t done by the more expensive the equipment you use, but the SMARTER ways you use it! Try the following DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and kettlebell workout for 3-5 rounds with about 30 seconds of rest between drills. If you love to learn more about how to move smarter and better check out our NEW DVRT Running Strength Program HERE or any of our DVRT workout programs HERE and learn how to truly be a stronger human!