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Essential 20 Minute Workout

Amanda Thebe, DVRT Master (Fit N’ Chips)

My life seems to have been so busy of late, can you relate? August and September have flown by in the blink of an eye.  And while trying to organize the kids for school,  keep my house in order and making sure my business is running smoothly, I always try to make it a priority to keep up with my fitness routine.  If I don’t find the time, I really am not a nice person – just ask my family.


I really have learned over the past few years how to plan my workout sessions so that they are both effective and efficient.  It’s lucky for me that I understand how to do this, but maybe for some of you,  this seems an impossible task, it’s my job to know after all.


Workouts for me have to fit the following criteria:


  • Time efficient
  • Strength based
  • Have a metabolic component
  • Use little to no equipment if working out from home.


That’s why I have started a series called Twenty’s Plenty. I was inspired by the name when I was recently in Glasgow, Scotland visiting my family. When I did my daily runs, the street signs all around me said TWENTY’S PLENTY, which made me chuckle as the British humor does, but I also realized that is how I plan my workout sessions, so there you go! And now it’s my turn to pass my knowledge onto you all.


My first workout for you is using the Ultimate Sandbag. I just love my rainbow socks, hence the name of the workout!  Density workouts are really great for providing you with that bang for the buck we are all looking for.  Simply set your timer for 20 mins and do as many rounds of the following 5 exercises (for all reps) in that time, with as little rest as possible.


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