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Evolving Your Core Exercises

Evolving Your Core Exercises-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Did you try it? I hope you aren’t like most people sitting back and waiting to see what others do!

My last post about reactive and evolutionary core training hope made you actually want to do it!

If you haven’t, make sure to read why you NEED to HERE.

Hopefully you did, you worked through some of the progressions, you felt why the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Around the World is such a powerful core drill.

Understanding the why’s and how’s of the DVRT Around the World drill does not only give you one powerful core exercise, but opens up a door to so many more! Like I said before it isn’t just about having more exercises to go play with (although that doesn’t hurt!), but understanding how they make your workouts that much better.

Today’s post is about how to take the foundations of the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Around the World and add a lot more layers!

Stop Moving!

In the last post I spoke about the DVRT Around the World serving different purposes. In the initial video we showed you how to use it to develop the often neglected rotational power. However, we some slight tweaks we can make it do something completely different!

The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is about not just lifting weights, but learning how to connect to your body more efficiently and effectively. That means sometimes learning how to resist movement that the Ultimate Sandbag wants to create on your body.

There may be no powerful drill in teaching this concept than the DVRT Around the World!

In our first variation of this great exercise we are going to look at it for developing what we call anti-rotational and anti-flexion/extension strength. Huh? Does it work your abs? Yes! In a very unique way though.

People often think exercises like planks are some magical exercise. If we do them, we may not know why, but all of a sudden we should have this stronger core. The truth is that drills like planks do make us stronger by teaching us how to connect the lower body, trunk, and upper body together to resist movement.

Well, the DVRT Around the World takes that concept to another level. While planks teach us how to create tension, just being stiff like a board isn’t actually a very functional movement. We want to take the concepts that planks teach us and apply them to learning how much tension to create and when to create it. These types of ideas actually move us far closer to real functional core training rather than trying to become one giant ball of tension.

The first two drills you will see in today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training coaching video focuses on this concept directly.

Layering Complexity

Once we know how to produce rotation and how to resist specific motions we can combine the two! That is where things get really cool. After all DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is about teaching us how to move athletically and that means understanding how to move from one type of movement to another.

That is why the DVRT Around the World to Press Out is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. There are so many ways you can stress the body once you understand the exercise.

How we continue to layer core exercises in DVRT 

Combining the DVRT Around the World and Press Out with movements like squats, lunges, and more completely changes the stress on our core. It means we have to be fluid, athletic, and smart about how, when, and where we create tension. Hmmm, that again sounds a lot more like what happens in the real world and sport than getting on the ground and looking like we have rigor mortis!

With so many options it can be hard to decide which one you do first! Take a breathe, DON’T try to do them all at once especially if you are still having a hard time finding the right groove for the Ultimate Sandbag. Begin with the foundational DVRT Around the World and master the Kneeling Around the World. Once you do so you will see that your options and results for your core training go to another level!

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