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Why Ultimate Sandbag Training Exercises Unleash Your Strength

sandbag exercises

Social media is really important to us. Why? Trust me, I get tired of all the negativity as much as anyone. However, I look at it to hear what people are talking about and most importantly thinking. Especially when it comes to thinking about does our Ultimate Sandbag Training deliver in the way we make it sound?

I had a gentleman debating whether or not you could get really strong and build muscle with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. My question to him was “why not?” I want to hear the objection before I lay out my side because we may be thinking completely differently! 

Turns out, he had fallen into the trap of many people. Thinking that bigger numbers on a weight equal to bigger gains in strength, muscle, and over fitness. That’s why he didn’t believe Ultimate Sandbag Training could be a dominate or only tool. However, he was missing the bigger picture. 

I first reminded him that if just adding weight was the best and most productive means of building strength we would have people lifting thousands of pounds in a lift because many people train for decades!

The reality is that strength is achieved by just stacking more and more weight. Hey trust me, if it was that would be awesome because it would make life SO much easier! 

Rather, the combination of strength and fitness that makes you great in AND out of the gym is about more than that. Firstly, it is about teaching your body how to work more efficiently, how to connect to the chains of the body that help movement, and most of all train as many muscles at once as possible.

What do I really mean? When we do DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training programs we aren’t thinking about just hitting a quad, pec, lat, etc, etc. We think about how the body is designed for movement and how do we use Ultimate Sandbag Training to make those connections. 

A great example is Lateral Drags. Man, after a decade people REALLY struggle to still get the essence and purpose of this Ultimate Sandbag Training exercise. 

No, it is not the same as using a dumbbell or kettlebell, which I was surprised people thought made sense to do. That is because the dimension of the Ultimate Sandbag creates half of the equation. The Lateral Drag is a combination of friction and actual load. That one of the many reasons Ultimate Sandbags are best for these movements.

sandbag training

How does this Ultimate Sandbag Training build such great strength? Because it not only teaches the core to resist movement, but ties into the chains of the body like the lats/core/and glutes. So many get the exercise wrong in its performance they miss that this is NOT just another core exercise!

UK DVRT Master, Greg Gergely Perlaki, shows how once we establish good foundations in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training how we can still build create purposeful creativity off the foundations. 

It is also often hard for people to wrap their heads around that if you pick the RIGHT strength training exercises how they are corrective, metabolic, and build muscle. I’ve helped chronic shoulders and low backs because people start to focus on the details of these Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises. Great fitness doesn’t have to be complicated as Greg shows an example of a great conditioning and corrective session utilizing these concepts.

As I like to share with people, we aren’t trying to get you into “sandbags” we are trying to educate people on how the body works so they can get better results!

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