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Fast & Effective Ultimate Sandbag Workouts

sandbag workout

Yea, we are pretty spoiled, it hasn’t snowed badly in the desert well….EVER! Sure, growing up in Chicago and Jessica in Michigan we know how rough some winters can be. Seeing the images of the Northeast made us want to share some easy and quick ways to stay on track with your fitness goals even if you are barricaded in your home!

Best of all we are going to show you how you can have incredible Ultimate Sandbag workouts with just one Ultimate Sandbag, pretty good deal right? We realize that this just doesn’t extend to getting through snow storms either.

One big reason we think our Ultimate Sandbag workouts are such a great solution for fitness enthusiasts and gyms alike is that there are so many ways you can manipulate one Ultimate Sandbag. Unlike other people that are trying to get you on just weight alone, we look at how we move in life and see so much more of an opportunity to build good fitness programs.

The inspiration for such training actually came that of old time strongmen. These incredible athletes were crazy strong and mobile. However, iron was really expensive so they wouldn’t have had dozens of different sized weights available to them. That is where necessity does bring innovation.

These athletes manipulated some of the many variables that we talk about our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training program. Most notably they would have changed their body’s leverage and how/where they placed load on their body.

If we take these concepts and fast forward to what we know today about functional fitness we can go to another level. Our Ultimate Sandbag workouts look to make us strong in EVERY way and that means looking at how we move in different directions and planes of motions.

Sure, I know, you have done a lateral lunge, but moving in true 360 degrees means moving through all the planes of motions as we build proficiency. In order to show you that this isn’t a crazy or complicated concept, Jess and I filmed two of our favorite Ultimate Sandbag workouts using just a single Ultimate Sandbag!

Check it out and follow how easy it is to get a phenomenal workout in small space, short amount of time, and limited equipment. You will wonder why people prefer to throw their time and money away when you try Ultimate Sandbag workouts like these!

Stay safe and warm East Coast!

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