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Feel, Move, Live Better Workout


Troy Anderson, DVRT Master (Check Out Coach Anderson’s Power Packed Workouts HERE)

We often think about how much we can bludgeon our bodies. Heck, I’ve given you some pretty good DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts over the past year that do JUST that! However, great results also mean knowing how to feed your body into better recovery. It is while RECOVERING from training that our body actually makes the biggest strides in our fitness. So, today I’ve got a nice little recovery DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness WOD for you. I was actually doing this the other while a on a brief phone call with Josh.

It’s layered to work on a few weak points for me. The pistol position and horribly tight hips/low back and anterior core, that I’ve previously spend a lot of time neglecting. 

The Ultimate Sandbag Get-up is something that I’m really learning to love. While I’m a big kettlebell activist, I’ve never really liked the kettlebell get-up. I can do it, I’ve used it but it is just a little cumbersome(maybe this is because with having the DVRT system we  do a lot other movements that are as athletic if not more than the kettlebell Turkish Get-up, just saying).

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.48.52 PM.png 

Taking your time to work through the transition points are really where some of the best moments of the get-up lie! 


The part that I’m really liking about the Ultimate Sandbag version is that the Ultimate Sandbag really bears down on you. I find it very similar in sensation to what it was like to actually be wrestling an other person. Having been a competitive wrestler in my younger days, it really brings back fond memories of the type of fitness that I had then. 

Then there is the Press Out Cossacks Squat. Now it has been a purely personal pursuit of mine t work on my pistol squat. For a few reasons, one, I am going to nail the kettlebell Beast Challenge at some point (a story for another time) and the simple fact that I have been spending too much time at a desk which hasn’t done wonders for my tight hips/back.

 Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.44.33 PM.png

The Ultimate Sandbag Press Out Cossack Squat makes me feel better and perform better on the pistol squat. To be honest, it just makes me feel REALLY good after doing them. You know, that type of good people describe after they have been doing yoga or stretching for an hour. The only good thing is I just need to do a few repetitions to get the same relief in my back and hips! Now before you go off and think, “eh, the press out I can do with anything” thought, let me tell you this….it ain’t the same!


Now you might expect that coming from a post on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. However, one thing Josh or anyone that knows me will tell you, I just tell you how it is! Okay, besides taking my good ole’ farm boy truth here, let me explain. For one, your shoulders just sit better, being able to activate your lats correctly helps turn on your core and with that, open your hips a lot better. The other cool benefit is that because on the press out action, a little weight goes a long way, you can just change where on the Ultimate Sandbag you grip and it will feel just a LITTLE bit more challenging. Not to mention the cool places you can take it like my “rockin’ the cradle” that I’ll write about later. 

Last we have the hollow body hold, I love to hate this drill mainly because I suck at it but by working on it a lot more I’ve noticed it helps me maintain position in a lot of lifts, like pull-ups. I think ever since the ‘crunch’ and/or systems have gotten a bad name, the anterior has been a much neglected area. This drill will fix that! 

So we have it a descending complexity DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training WOD that is also descending in load. I give you the Hot Rum WOD…

4 Rounds at Your Own Pace

Ultimate Sandbag Get-ups x 1/1 reps

Press Out Cossacks Squat x 5/5 reps 

Hollow Body Hold x 1:00


Now time to do some REAL work, don’t forget though, heal the body and reap your rewards! 


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