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Finding a Better Relationship with Diet & Fat Loss

Over the last few years one of the best interactions I’ve had and learned so much from were nutritionists. No, not in getting some amazing new diet, but in understanding how behavior and so many of our issues with food actually stem from emotion. It isn’t as though people don’t know fruits and vegetables are good for them. Instead, there is a much deeper relationship that is occurring.

Especially in today’s landscape where obesity is being seen as laziness and not caring, NOTHING could be further from the truth. Until we wish to really understand the battles people have with food we can’t make the positive impact we would like to achieve. That is why I asked Rebecca and Cory Cripe to join us for an interview.

Many of you know Cory from his great coaching videos we share from his Fitness Lying Down. However, his wife Rebeccas is equally as impressive. Rebecca is a registered dietician nutritionist with a bachelors in community and medical dietetics. She works in adult weight management and child and adolescent weight management with 12 years of clinical experience.

So together we discussed how to help people make a difference in their fat loss efforts and where we often go wrong. It isn’t about a perfect ratio of macros or some superfood, but something much more important. Check it out below!

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