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Fitness Expert Asks is Fitness Actually Healthy

ultimate sandbag

I think it is one of the best feelings there is at this point of my career. I don’t HAVE to get popular people or “influencers” who I don’t believe in to endorse or be one what we are doing with DVRT. Instead, I can just focus on people that I know have something of great value to share with you. It isn’t about some affiliate program or trying to get followers, but rather, helping you feel like achieving your fitness goals as something really possible.


That is why as I do more interviews, I am ONLY doing them with true professionals and those that I know can help and relate to others. This should explain why I got fitness expert, BJ Gaddour on today’s interview. I’ve known BJ for 15 years and seen him go some really interesting directions with his career. From owning his own facility, to being the fitness director of Men’s Health, to venturing off on his own and creating a whole new brand for himself. His journey has been fascinating and the lessons he shares are so valuable.


Whether you want to know how to have better expectations of being the coach that can last in this industry, if you want to gain ideas of what being online actually means, and probably MOST interesting, does fitness ACTUALLY lead to health?

That may be shocking but they aren’t the same and BJ is very honest about ALL these things. Check it out HERE and make sure to check out his social media HERE (which is fun) and his website HERE.