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Fitness For The Busy Mom!


When I think of the “big picture” goal of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training I INSTANTLY think of helping ANYONE and EVERYONE get the fitness results they really want. Not just the elite, not just those that live and breathe fitness. We want those with real lives, real stress, real commitments to still be healthy and fit. 

No better example is the busy modern mom. Often wearing more hats than they can count, moms are busier than ever, they are stressed more than ever. So, is it possible that the women we love the most should be sacrificing their own health? That is why I brought in someone who not only understands, who can help, but someone who lives this very life!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Master, Annmarie Licatese (TheFitFoodieMama) is a great example of how busy moms that are already superwomen, can also be super fit and healthy without making their lives more complicated! 

Q: You have an interesting path to fitness. One where you did something very different in empowering people. How did that experience help shape what motivated and how you want to share fitness now? 

A: Yes, I did.  In my previous career I worked as an advocate for victim’s of violence who were primarily women.  I always have and probably always will have this inherent desire to help people.  My job really focused on empowering my clients by giving them the resources they needed so that they could make their own decisions and feel in control of their outcome.  


Working in fitness, it really operates the same way.  In order for someone to be successful, they not only need the correct tools but someone to help guide them through the process to show them that they are capable of accomplishing their goals.  It’s incredibly rewarding to know that you’ve helped someone overcome something that they once thought was impossible.  

Q: When you began spending more time in fitness what surprised you about going from it being an activity that you enjoyed to moving into the role of fitness professional?

A: I think what has surprised me the most is just how complicated people make fitness.  As an enthusiast I never really paid much attention to what other people were doing.  I was sheltered a bit at home just doing my thing.  

As I moved into the role of a fitness professional and began to interact with other enthusiasts and professionals, I saw just how challenging it can be for people to find a routine or program that works for them.  I think sometimes there is a misconception that the more difficult a workout or exercise it, the better but that is definitely not true.  Keeping it simple and attainable really is key. 


Q: Having interacted with so many women through your blog and social media, what common traps do you think women are still falling into?

A: I think the most common trap that women fall into is the “all or nothing” approach to fitness and nutrition.  I commonly hear that women don’t have an entire hour to dedicate to working out or cook at home or what have you so they just choose not to do it at all.  

Obviously, if you want to improve your fitness or nutrition you have to make it somewhat of a priority but it doesn’t have to be complicated or all consuming.

Q: Over time you obviously found DVRT, what made you think this was something unique and fit a need in your life? 

A: I knew of the Ultimate Sandbag as a fitness implement for quite sometime but after having kids and changing my fitness routine a little bit, I decided to learn more since it was the one piece of fitness equipment I could easily use at home. 

What I discovered was the world of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and it absolutely changed the way that I viewed and approached fitness.  My workouts went from being an hour in duration to being 20-30 minutes long with far better results.  

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training taught me the true meaning of functional fitness and how to not only get stronger but also move better.  The exercise drills are purposeful instead of just moving to move.  After just a short amount of time, I felt (and looked) stronger- I was hooked. 

Q: When you attended our DVRT course in New York, you had an experience with our Clean and Press Test that I think was one of the best stories out there. Can you share what you learned and how the course overall shaped what you do now?

A:  That experience is one that I will never forget. For several months I had trained for the Clean and Press Test only to come up 2 reps short when it actually came time to test at the cert in New York.  I was absolutely crushed and while it would have been easier to just give up, the lesson that I learned that day was that failure isn’t final. 


Everyone there, including all of the Master DVRT Coaches, rallied to support me and encouraged me to try again.  It was that type of community response along with the education that was shared that really made me feel like part of a fitness family.  

Since then, every time I attend a DVRT certification or workshop I hear similar things from other people which gives me a sense of pride that what I am involved in is incredibly unique and useful in ways that your run of the mill certifications are not. 

Q: You created this great program for moms, I almost said busy moms, but that’s every mom right? What do you think makes this program different than so much that it is out there now?

A: Yes, that is correct.  I don’t think there are any moms who aren’t busy! 

I believe what makes this program so different is that you can focus on improving both strength and conditioning in a short amount of time.  It also doesn’t require you to go to a gym, own a ton of different weights or even leave the house.  


The duration of the workouts are short but effective and easy enough to do with the kids around or in those rare moments of alone time.  I also love how portable the Ultimate Sandbag is which makes it easy to bring from room to room or even outside on nice days.  Get your sweat on in your pajamas or while your kids play at the park- it’s all about what’s most convenient for you. 

Q: I think a lot of women think that they have to consume their lives to have great fitness. What are some of your keys and how what can you advice to the women that are trying to fit everything in their lives?

A:  The key for me is really ridding yourself of that “all or nothing” approach to fitness.  Like I said before, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  I make it simple by creating a schedule ahead of time so I know what works I am going to do on what days.  It takes the guess work and thinking out of it which sometimes is the biggest barrier to actually getting it done. 

If for some reason life has a change of plans, I try not to use it as an excuse to not workout.  Instead, I adapt and maybe have my kids join me or squeeze in a quick 20 minute sweat session while Dora the Explorer takes the kids on an adventure with Boots and friends.  

Not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment after but I am also being a good role model for my children.  

Q: If people want to reach you how can they learn more about what you are doing and your great work?

A: You can really find me all over social media.  Being that I work from home most of the time, I don’t get out much and I love connecting with new people and fellow fitness fans.   I am most active on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  You can also find me on my blog, TheFitFoodieMama.com where I post new recipes, workouts and fitness tips regularly.  

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