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Fitness Isn’t Always Successes

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Teaching Success Isn’t Always a Positive Experience

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It can be hard to relate, that person that everything just seems to come easy to? Yea, those people suck! My best friend growing up was that guy, amazing athlete, possibly the smartest in each class, yea, pretty much a stud! Fortunately we had been friends since we were as young as I can remember. I definitely didn’t have his talents, but there was a reason we were able to stay such good friends.

Chris was always very humble, even to the point you wouldn’t guess he had all these talents unless you knew him. Humility was something I greatly admired about him, but also his willingness to work really hard even though he had many gifts was even more motivating. In a lot of ways he showed me that EVERYONE has to work hard, especially the bigger the goal.

Being around people with a great work ethic has always been one of the greatest gifts I have received from others. Even though my family was not blessed with great physical talents, many of my families successes in a variety of fields was due to their “never say die” attitude.

I got taught this at a rather young age. My whole world for most of my youth was basketball. It was a great escape from some hard real world issues. While I was at the park shooting baskets or playing games, the rest of the world didn’t seem to be of concern, no matter what was going on!

Believe it or not, this is ankle looks better than mine did!

Believe it or not, this is ankle looks better than mine did!

That is why when one faithful night, I completely destroyed my right ankle playing at the park, it felt like my whole world had ended. I remember distinctly my father and doctors talking about what my future was going to be with possibly walking with a cain and they couldn’t seem less interested if I was ever going to be every playing basketball again!

My older brother Greg must have seen the crushing effect the whole situation was having on me. Instead of letting me sulk and pout, he invited me to come and train with him and his friend Mark. I was hesitant, frustrated, and honestly, didn’t care.

Greg was a good salesman though and told me I had to be ready to play basketball again when I was healthy. He knew how to get me going! Even though he didn’t know if I would play again, he did understand that sitting on the couch in a giant cast and crutches wasn’t doing anything positive for me.

We got to the Bally’s (yes, we went to Bally’s!) and like any good group of young men, we jumped to the bench press. I had NEVER lifted a weight in my life and I had no idea what to expect. As Greg helped me bring the barbell off of the rack it just as quickly plummeted to my chest and stayed there!

Pretty much how I looked!

Pretty much how I looked!

I was pinned! Yes, pinned by an empty barbell. I think Greg and Mark found this to be all too amusing as I wiggled like a fish out of water. After a bit, mercy was given to me and they took the weight off of me. In no way was I as amused as they were, I was embarrassed big time!

Part of me wanted to leave immediately. Then there was a part that said, “show them!” I am sure that part is based upon the never dying sibling rivalry that always wants to upstage especially an older sibling. I stayed that day and did what I could do.

For the rest of the summer though I wanted to “show them”. I bugged my brother, my step-mother, anyone who could possibly drive me to the gym. I would hobble around on my crutches from machine to machine and once in awhile a kind gym member would help hand me weights. I was so driven.

I had a choice that day when the barbell pinned me. I could have stopped, I could have left, I could have never come back. My first experience to fitness was not a positive one or one with such rousing success that I couldn’t wait to come back. Instead, it was completely the opposite!

It is the same choice that many of us have with our fitness and health. We are often so scared of “looking stupid”, “not being ready”, or a host of other fears that the reality is we are making a choice not to prevent any of the above from happening, but in reality not accomplishing our goals.

The end of that summer I was able to walk (after some extensive therapy) as well as make my high school’s basketball team. I was able to compete largely due to what my brother inspired me to do, fight and don’t give up. Sometimes the biggest goals are accomplished because of the smallest experiences.

Because of this one simple day with my brother I would make a Division I basketball team, be inspired to create a training system that is changing how people see fitness, and help so many other people accomplish their dreams.

Ultimate Sandbag TrainingDon’t think those that are successful are only those that are gifted or lucky. It only takes making a decision at the smallest moments to completely transform your life! Be determined, be strong enough to accept the challenge, be willing to make mistakes, and then you will be a step closer to really understanding DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system.








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