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Ultimate Sandbag Fitness for Longevity & Real World

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Last weekend I got to do something that I haven’t had an opportunity to do in awhile. That was spend some time at my Dad’s condo with him in Chicago. My Dad is almost in his mid 70’s and his health is doing great. Most if it is interestingly enough related to him being in a lot of physical pain. Ironically, my Dad HATES fitness!!! He has NEVER liked working out, done everything to avoid it no matter the effort of any of our family. As long as I can remember he has had a bad back too. There was always a reason that he couldn’t workout….the truth is it came down to he didn’t like it. He never found a way to make it something he could enjoy at any level.

Of course family can often be the worst “clients” and ones to help. This is especially frustrating when I think my own journey and knowing how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness can help so much, even if you just do a little bit. Why do I share this with you though? Sadly, his pain has limited what he can do in life, walking, traveling, even just sitting without pain is hard. He has become deeply depressed and to a great extent very lonely. Which is something we usually don’t think about when it comes to working out. We think about cool exercises, burning calories, building muscles, and we say quality of life, but do really know how?

Sitting with my Dad, I couldn’t help reflect how orthopedically I am far worse than he is, but I didn’t want my pain and injury to define me. Rather, I wanted to become an example for others.

My Dad’s ability to do the things that HE wants to do like spend time with my niece have been harder and harder because of a body that needs help!


When we first started talking about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness programs being about “Bringing Strength to Life” we didn’t mean it as just a catchy phrase. It was the simple idea that so much of what people REALLY want from fitness has little to do with actual muscles, six packs, etc. Many people go down those paths because they want more confidence, feel like they can be attractive, they can have closer relationships, and just live a better life.

Watching how limited my Dad is in day to day tasks it makes me realize that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness has a responsibility to inspire people and make them realize great fitness doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or uninspiring. My Dad sees fitness as the exact opposite and that is so sad as it could be the thing that let’s him live a better life. Being on over 10 different medications isn’t doing it. Sure, his Ultimate Sandbag fitness program and mine might seem very different, but I can’t help but think “what if he just did a little bit”. That if every day he did what he could how he could start doing other things that made his life more rewarding.

I remember one of my favorite clients during my training days was a woman in her 50’s who had married a man ten years older than herself. His health started to decline and she would often tell me that young people wasted two things…an opportunity for education and their health! Some of the basic things in life that we take for granted, when taken away from us let us know that the real driving force behind fitness is to make ALL aspects of our life better.

This fact was also driven home to me recently. I have been speaking about my spinal surgeries a lot because it is my two year anniversary of basically going through hell. Every year I get imaging done because my whole spine is a mess. The results of recent imaging showed how much my spine continues to fail me. The results were so disheartening my doctor wanted me to start testing for disability. Here is the thing, I don’t feel that bad! I’m not going to lie, there are good and bad days but there is something else driving me. That is being an example to others that our health starts with ourselves. Everyone will have their own path and challenges but the key is to never stop trying and being determined. While my doctor is being cautious and caring he also is perplexed by how someone could look so bad on imaging but be so ok in life. I tell him people are far more than their images in many ways. He agreed but admitted too that most won’t take responsibility for their own health and it is hard not to become a victim. That hit home with me and continues to be a driving force of what I want our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program to be all about, inspiring people to take charge of their own health and well being! If I were just an image no way I could do dynamic DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness drills like this!

I don’t share this with you because I want you to applaud, or to think that people have to do Ultimate Sandbag fitness drills like this to get going. Rather to remind ourselves that our health starts with us. You have to find YOUR starting point and make it a part of your life. For me, fitness isn’t an option, it makes my life possible! If we start at that point we can then define what is right for each person. That is why we say DVRT is so important, because it is the system of where to start and then giving you direction of where to go. How did we create our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program? We were trying to make our own lives better.

Jessica is another great example. Five disc herniations, torn rotator cuffs that ended her swimming career and being unable to even bodyweight squat when we first met. Yea, her life was starting off each day almost in tears because she was in so much pain that getting out of bed was a chore for her and she IS a physical therapist. It wasn’t till she made a commitment to our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness programs that things changed. Being able to do things like the exercise below would have NEVER been possible eight years ago and she didn’t START here! It was her determination and focus to working through progressions that allowed her to completely change her life.

Every program we create, every fitness tool we design we do so with not how to get people ripped or “bad ass”, but rather how can we make their lives better. That is what we want YOU to think about as well. Sure, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness can build incredible endurance, be a phenomenal fat loss tool, and build strength in ways you may have never believed, but ultimately we want you to ask how can we make your life or your clients lives better!

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