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Fixing Your Hip Hinge!

Fixing Your Hip Hinge-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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The ability to perform a proper hip hinge is absolutely essential when working with implements such as the Ultimate Sandbag or just about any strength tool. Many would argue that being able to hip hinge is essential for life, and I wouldn’t disagree with them.

ultimate sandbag training


The hip hinge should be fundamental to anyone looking to improve their fitness & health!

Now, as a fitness professional, not only are you responsible for being able to hip hinge yourself, you must also know how to teach it. The good news is that it’s not that hard, or at least it shouldn’t be, to coach somebody on how to properly hip hinge.

We have all sorts of cues and methods on how to teach someone how to fold at the hips, i.e; touch the wall drill, using a dowel, etc…

For some students it may take a few reps, for others a few hundred reps, but every coach has many different “tools in their toolbox” when it comes to the hinge.

Now, teaching someone how to forcefully go the other direction, hip extension, can be a whole new challenge. Having a student perform a Ultimate Sandbag High Pull or Clean while slowly extending their hips is not a pretty sight, or safe.

When I first started coaching, I noticed that I always had difficulty teaching some students how to produce explosive hip extension. I would use various verbal cues such as, “Jump into a plank,” “Snap the hips forward,” “Imagine your getting kicked in the butt,” etc…

Verbal cues just never seemed to work that great for a lot of people.

I needed something tactile. A drill that gave them instant feedback on whether their hips were extending fast or slow.

Enter the Ultimate Sandbag.

By getting my students on their backs in a glute bridge position, I was able to place a power Ultimate Sandbag on their hips and give them the tactile feedback they so desperately needed.

If their hips extend to slowly, the bag stays resting on their pelvis. If they speed up the movement by forcefully driving their heels into the ground and contracting their glutes, the Ultimate Sandbag takes flight and bam, they feel it.

It also works well with teaching timing of when to begin hip flexion. If they break the hips to early, the Ultimate Sandbag will have a harder impact on the pelvis.

After drilling a few reps on the ground, have them immediately stand up and perform the intended the exercise. Remember, drill, then skill.

Let me know if that helps!


ultimate sandbag training

Seth Munsey is a DVRT Master Instructor and owner of Iron Republic in Monterey, California. You can visit is website http://ironrepublicstrong.com for more information on how he transforms lives.