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Foundation Strong Workout

One of the best parts running our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training education programs is the people we get to meet. Sometimes we don’t REALLy get to know people until even AFTER the program. Then you find out how really amazing many of these fitness professionals are in their own right!

A great example was a few weeks ago at our Southern California DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications. We had a wide array of pros and each with some pretty cool stories (you met Dave Schulze in an early post HERE and Casey Washack HERE). Someone I was really glad to get to know was Ara Keshishian.



Ara was one of the first people to participate in our online DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certification and wanted to work his skills even more and came to our live program. Just knowing that about Ara, I knew he was serious about really understanding the principles and techniques of DVRT.

What I didn’t know was Ara’s interesting background, which I’ll share in a moment. Before I do though, I wanted to share with you some of Ara’s feedback of the program!

“When I signed up for your course I was SO WORRIED about the quality and how it would look like, and that’s all coming from my bad experience with another fitness education program. 

My experience with them was so bad, like I was trying to leave on day 2 bad. The instructors were not professional and nothing made sense for me based on the science body

I was there to learn how to move and perform better and share that with my clients, but I came back with frustration and 3 injuries.  I was dealing with one of them until the Saturday of the DVRT Level I Certification, and Josh, I don’t know what we did, but my knee pain is gone I am still sore in hamstring area (good sore) but I don’t have any knee pain on during my squat any more. I want to thank you, thank you, thank you guys on your patience and high level energy and awesome course and content.”

Now, that is pretty cool coming from anyone, but I was intrigued when this week, Ara posted the following…

Happy Memorial Day! About a year and a half ago I tried to join the US Navy Seals but because of age limitation I didn’t have the honor to serve my country. I was blessed to meet a few awesome former Seal guys and learn from them during my tryout test.”

Whether you are wanting to be a Navy Seal or not, what I loved is how Ara constructed a great workout based on owning good fundamental movements first and foremost. Sometimes we think that “hardcore” has to be novel, extreme, and well, you know, a bit crazy. However, having worked with some top athletes and military personnel, I can tell you that people are people. Owning great movement before all is the key to real success. 


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