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A Fresh Look At Functional Fitness

sandbag training

The world of functional fitness is getting to be a more and more confusing one. We have so many people telling us so many different things how in the world can you navigate through such a confusing landscape like functional fitness?

Well, this was a huge motivator for us to start bringing YOU our loyal DVRT readers the real great industry leaders of functional fitness. We started a couple of weeks ago with Corey Beasley (If you missed it listen HERE) and this week I am very excited to have sat down with Dr. Brent Brookbush for just over an hour.

During our interview we covered so many topics of functional fitness that I think if nothing else you will have a new perspective and thoughtfulness to what we mean by brining strength to life and why functional fitness is what DVRT is all about!

Listen to Dr. Brent Brookbush interview HERE and don’t miss his great site HERE

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