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Functional Strength Training to the Next Level

Most people don’t know that when I began teaching continuing educational strength training programs, they weren’t DVRT. My initial goal was to show people the larger system of strength training. That we used certain tools to accomplish specific goals. These tools would work together to create a bigger world of real world fitness and strength training.

The initial program was called L.I.F.T. (loaded integrated functional training). I had become so disappointed that fitness pros had all this great equipment, but didn’t see any synergy amongst their strength training exercises. They had a whole bunch of exercises, but didn’t see how the pieces fit together in the puzzle.

sandbag training

This group was definitely a blast from our past and forever changed how we were going to approach the bigger world of strength training. 

This is so important because building strength training progressions and creating long-term success is knowing how our different tools allow us to accomplish these specific goals of movement. I believe to even this day that the goal of any good program is to first look at the goals and the results we want to achieve and then find the best tools and progressions to teach those concepts.

Such an idea probably sounds like common sense, but just hang around the internet and you will see some different schools of thought. One finds “cool” new exercises they just learn on the internet and throw them into their current workouts. They need something new and interesting to keep them motivated because their training is rather stagnant and boring. Another school is hardcore into one specific tool or method. After all, if you are into Powerlifting you are going to think that a barbell solves almost all problems and the way to really go about strength training.

You might THINK that we fit into the second category, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reason that we moved away from L.I.F.T. was it just wasn’t the right time. Don’t get me wrong, the concepts, progressions, and drills we were teaching were awesome. However, many of the tools we were using, kettlebells, suspension trainers, and of course Ultimate Sandbag were so new still to so many that it was overwhelming. Plus, we couldn’t fully expose people to the full potential of what Ultimate Sandbag Training could offer!

10 years have passed now and the functional training landscape has completely changed. These once new tools are now so common place you could find them even in many people’s home gyms. We went from being the “new kid” on the block with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag strength training to one of the “older” groups around. Funny how that has happened!

Total body workouts like this one isn’t about beating you up, but teaching your body how to work smarter. Real strength isn’t about the size of your muscles, but knowing how to use your body in the best ways possible! 

Now we want to spend MORE time teaching people how these tools can be used to give you an edge both in your training and that of your clients! We can give people both incredible results as well as a tremendous experience.

These training videos show how we love to use other pieces of equipment, but we also do so with the same intent that our DVRT system provides. We don’t do so randomly, but with the purpose of maximizing what they do so well, while minimizing their limitations. Always though with the idea of how are we teaching movement to people in better and smarter ways!

While we continue to work on the release of our new L.I.F.T. program, learn how a strong foundation of our DVRT program will accelerate your training faster than you could imagine! Don’t miss our upcoming DVRT live courses HERE or save 25% on our DVRT online education with coupon code “summersale” HERE