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Getting HIIT Workouts Right!

In the late 90’s this idea sounded CRAZY!!! I came out of a weekend seminar that was all about the fact that high intensity interval training HIIT workouts was going to be the wave of the future for fat loss training. I thought it was crazy because at that time we were very much entrenched into the idea that if you wanted to lose body fat you performed your strength training then “cardio”.

You know, you wanted to stay in your “fat burning zone”. It made a lot of sense, but later we found out how much we missed about the true effectiveness of HIIT workouts. Now, you pretty much can’t see a post, a blog, or magazine article talking about more HIIT workouts.

Unfortunately, like most things in fitness, HIIT workouts became sorely misunderstood and people started questioning their effectiveness. Sadly, most people just don’t truly understand how to do HIIT workouts correctly and miss on the great opportunities to both lose body fat and put on functional muscle.

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That is why I wanted to get the TRUTH about HIIT workouts by a coach that has been promoting this type of training for well over a decade. A coach who has used the power of HIIT workouts for athletes and non-athletes a like with great success.

So, that is why I asked Strength Coach, Robert Dos Remedios to join us to discuss how his NEW ideas of HIIT workouts will be a game changer in how we train for true functional fitness from now on.

Check out this great interview with Coach Dos and how it will change your HIIT workouts for the better and actually get the results you want.

Listen HERE

Check out Coach Dos’ website HERE

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