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Getting Hooked On DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Get Hooked! What DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Can Do For You

Michele Meinville Decerio, DVRT Master Trainer

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In my mind, health and wellness encompasses three dimensions. First, fitness is a given. Moving your body in ways that are healthy, working on bettering your flexibility, strength, balance, mobility, stability and perhaps power. Second is nutrition. You’ve probably all heard the quote, “You can’t out-train a bad diet”. OK, maybe you can if you’re between the ages of 14-20, but eventually it catches up to you and the spare tire forms around your waistline and you can’t understand why as you haven’t changed how you eat!

You can’t look or perform your best without fueling your body with quality nutrition. But, the most over-looked dimension of wellness is mindset. It amazes me to watch the light bulb ignite inside a client’s head when he or she realizes what being healthy does for them overall, waistline, energy and psyche included. It’s then I know I’ve successfully hooked them into being healthy!

It all starts with a positive outlook and a strong will or commitment to succeed, oh, and never giving up. For example, let’s call her Anna. Anna began strength training using nothing heavier than 8 pound dumbbells and light and medium resistance tubing. Three years later she’s bear hugging a 46 pound ultimate sandbag squatting to just about 90 degrees with a double hip replacement.

Did I mention she’s going to be 60 this year?

ultimate sandbag training

Anna working hard on her journey! It isn’t about where you start but where you go!

At first given her issues, I was reluctant to try, but she insisted upon it, so we started with a fairly light Ultimate Sandbag and progressed from there. Her lofty 2015 goal is to deadlift my 80 pound Burly Ultimate Sandbag! Did it happen it one day? Nope! 

The key is that DVRT gave us the road map to progress Anna so she could be both successful and safe. We focused on ideas of holding position, slow down tempo, grooving the pattern, and then slowly adding layers with changing her body position. 

The amazing part is how fast she progressed! When you see someone who starts at a level that seems so far away and they are able to take such HUGE steps, it is actually empowering to BOTH of us! To see her excitement to move and to be healthy goes beyond just any exercise she does. I am so grateful that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training gives us the tools to help people achieve what they think might not be possible. When people ask if we do that “sandbag training” thing, I tell them “no, we change people’s lives.” I can say that because people like Anna have shown me how incredible it can be!

Anna is a superstar not because of what she can lift, but how far she has come!

My point in sharing all of this is that DVRT has given her amazing strength and confidence in her ability. If there’s a movement she can’t perform right away, we work around it until she’s ready. She is determined to get it done! I love the confidence she’s gained and it’s great to hear her say how she can easily get on the floor to play or carry her 30 pound granddaughter. That’s fitness for life! Or when she sheepishly flexes her bicep for me…Hmmm, I forgot to mention, she weighs less than 100 pounds and her hips weigh 13 of those! Pretty amazing. Anything is possible!