Getting Started

Getting Started With Your Ultimate Sandbag

Our DVRT Ultimate Sandbags are a unique fitness tool. We designed it back in 2005 to be used to maximize real world fitness. Being an “alive” fitness tool, there are many unique aspects that we like to share with you as the Ultimate Sandbag is NOT a barbell, a dumbbell, or kettlebell. In order to get the most out of our DVRT program, you will want to know how we designed the Ultimate Sandbag for maximal success. 

Q What Type of Sand Should I Get?


In order to make the Ultimate Sandbag as versatile and cost effective as possible, we do not ship the Ultimate Sandbags with sand or water. Allowing you to set-up your Ultimate Sandbag for your specific fitness level and leave room for progress allows you a unique piece of training equipment. At the same time, we realize this may seem complicated to those new to DVRT, but it is actually very easy.

We recommend Plaster or Mason sand that can be found at most hardware stores for about $4 for 50 pounds. That is way cheaper than shipping them filled and gives you a chance to put in the weight right for you! Why this type of sand? It is washed sand that has zero dust and is the cleanest version of sand. If you can not find this type of sand for some reason (most large hardware stores do stock this type of sand), you can use play sand, but play sand can have dust as your are filling.

The easiest method of filling your Ultimate Sandbag is to dump the sand into a bucket and simply scoop your sand into our fillers.

Q How Much Should I Fill My Filler Bags?


One of the most important innovations we created back in 2005 was the idea of filler bags. In old school days, people would try to use garbage bags or sandwich bags duct taped. Garbage bags would inevitably rip and leak, plus once you filled them it was pretty much impossible to ever change the weight. Sandwich bags of 5 pound increments left a very slopping, uncomfortable, and far less than ideal feel to sandbags. In fact, creating weights in this manner took away the “alive” aspect of the sandbags and made them feel more like bricks! 

That is why we supply you with a set number of filler bags. When you are setting up your Ultimate Sandbag you want to use ALL the fillers that come with the package. For example, if you have a Power Ultimate Sandbag and you want it to weight 20 pounds you are better served to use two filler bags at 10 pounds than one at 20 pounds. This gives your Ultimate Sandbag the right density and feel that allows you to maximize our DVRT exercises. 

How much should you fill your Ultimate Sandbag? Having had thousands of people use our program, we have found the following weights to be ideal for each size.

Core: Beginner: 10 pounds, Intermediate 15 pounds, Advanced 20 pounds

Power: Beginner: 20 pounds, Intermediate 30 pounds, Advanced 40 pounds

Kick Starter: Beginner: 20 pounds, Intermediate 30 pounds, Advanced 40 pounds

Force: Beginner: 30 pounds, Intermediate 40 pounds, Advanced 50 pounds

Strength: Beginner: 40 pounds, Intermediate 50 pounds, Advanced 60 pounds

Burly: Beginner: 80 pounds, Intermediate 100 pounds, Advanced 120 pounds

You will notice that the jumps in weight get larger as the size of the Ultimate Sandbags increase. That is why the DVRT system is designed to have you progress in means other than just adding more weight. When you fill your Ultimate Sandbag, you will realize that changing weight isn’t ideal, that is why we focus on the following strategies:

-Holding Position

-Body Position


-Plane of Motion

Please visit our blog at https://ultimatesandbagtraining.com/blog/ for hundreds of FREE videos and break down of DVRT movements. 


Q Does It Matter Which Handles I Use & Why Don't Larger Ultimate Sandbags Have End Cap Handles?


Okay, this isn’t a question that we hear a lot because people ASSUME the Ultimate Sandbag is used like a barbell. We created the Ultimate Sandbag to achieve things that the barbell just couldn’t because the barbell doesn’t have the options to use different grips to optimize your strength and movement. Most of our DVRT exercises use the neutral grip handles so we can optimally engage the lats and stabilize your plank during movement. In other words, it allows you to lift safer and take pressure off your low back. 

The snatch grip handles are used primarily, as you may guess…..snatches! The outside handles of our smaller Ultimate Sandbags allow great progressions and corrective exercises to be performed by stabilizing the weight. We do NOT have handles on the larger Ultimate Sandbags because it would place most people’s shoulders in a poor biomechanical position for many different movements. Instead, we put tabs on the end that are meant to be rolled up and create a thick grip that provides very unique single arm type of training. 

The biggest point is that each set of handles is used for a specific purpose to optimize human movement. The fact the Ultimate Sandbag was designed by a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physical Therapist, we seized the opportunity to accomplish optimal movement where most strength training tools can not offer. 

Q Which Size Should I Start With?


Unlike most other strength training tools, each size of Ultimate Sandbag is used for very specific drills and reasons. As Ultimate Sandbags get larger they also become more unstable due to their greater dimension. This is great for some movements, but can be limiting for others. That is why if you have to start with ONE Ultimate Sandbag we recommend our Power Ultimate Sandbag, followed by our Strength. With these two sizes you will be surprised at how much you accomplish and how much variety you can have in your training. 

If you have questions on which size is right for you, please drop us a line at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com. Unlike most fitness equipment, you will never outgrow your Ultimate Sandbags, rather, you will be able to add layers of sophisticated strength training as you grow within our DVRT system. 

Q What is DVRT versus the Ultimate Sandbag?


We used sandbag training well before we designed the Ultimate Sandbag back in 2005. The classic army duffel bag and garbage bags was our strategy and was the best option at the time. While the training was challenging, we found that it became quite limited in the ability to progress, have a greater purpose than pure variety, and become a stable in a functional fitness programs. 

As we created and continued to evolve the Ultimate Sandbag, it became evident that there were so many unique aspects of training we could do with this tool that was so different than anything else. Calling the system of progressions, cuing, and programming would be unjust in being named “sandbag training.” While we didn’t invent the idea of the sandbag, we do think we evolved it to a point where it was a complete training system. 

That is why we developed the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT). It is the DVRT system that gives the Ultimate Sandbag such power! As we say, DVRT is the software and the Ultimate Sandbag is the hardware. Together, they will re-define what you think is possible and how you can perform strength training. 

Q Why Don't You Use Cordura Material?


Cordura is a brand name for a fabric that is military spec for uniforms. That doesn’t help you a lot in a strength training tool that you will use for thousands of repetitions and have to bear load in very unique ways! That is why we chose a PVC material that serves three purposes. 

The first is that it is 30% stronger than Cordura giving you a strength training tool that will last as long as you respect your equipment. Second, it is not abrasive to your skin so it won’t scrape up your hands as you perform your training. Lastly, possibly most important, it is easy to clean by simply wiping down. While some companies will claim you can wash your sandbag there are two things that happen in such situations. 

As you wash fabric, the material slowly expands decreasing the strength of the material. Possibly even more important, it is very hard to clean all the bacteria from training, especially those that are training in the gym where many people will use the equipment. In fact, the U.S. Air Force found this out the hard way as they suffered an outbreak of ring worm because of fabric based sandbags that were never able to be cleaned to the degree to prevent such issues. That is why the Ultimate Sandbag is the choice of physical therapy, medical, and professional clinics. 

Q What is the Warranty of the Ultimate Sandbag?


We believe so strongly in the quality of the Ultimate Sandbag that we offer a 3 year manufacturer defect warranty. That means we make sure that you have the very best equipment that can perform at its highest level. If you have any issues in your three years we will take care of you if you email us at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com. 

That being said, that doesn’t cover abuse of your Ultimate Sandbag. Just as you would respect other strength training tools, we ask that you respect your investment of Ultimate Sandbags. That means using the Ultimate Sandbags in the manner they were designed to perform. We provide you TONS of free information that helps you maximize your results and the use of the Ultimate Sandbag. Of all the things we show you (well over 400 different exercises) we only ask you NOT do the following…..

-Slam your Ultimate Sandbag

-Throw your Ultimate Sandbag

-Drag your Ultimate Sandbag like a sled

If you follow these guidelines you will have your Ultimate Sandbag for as long as you train!