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Give Me 50

Give Me 50 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Ten days on the road will definitely make you excited to be home and get back on schedule. I’ll be honest, I had very little time to get any training in during those ten days, but it doesn’t stress me out. Being on a good plan while I am home and then getting back into things allows me for unique times like my most recent trip.

Even just ten days of travel takes a toll on you, especially when it isn’t vacation. Over 100 people went through our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and that is incredibly exciting. However, the adrenaline wears off quickly the moment you walk through your front door.

It may surprise you to hear, I don’t go all out when I get back. That is a big mistake that people make when they have had any time off. Whether it is just a week or two, or years. I know building back up won’t take me long and I’ll end up feeling A LOT better in the process.

One of my favorite ways to do so is to hit super simple DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. I may pick a short circuit, or like today, a great DVRT complex. Yes, a series of two to three movements that flow nicely together. The goal of getting me to move better, get my body tuned up, and yes, to get that heart rate going really nicely!

I love to make DVRT complexes that involve a variety of lunges and overhead Ultimate Sandbag presses. With lunges I have found nothing better to get the hips and low back right and overhead presses allow you to wake up that core and upper body.

However, most people don’t think combining them is possible. Well of course not with a barbell or most strength tools, but with the Ultimate Sandbag we have a variety of options. Today’s workout shows one of my favorites.

Your goal? Just try to hit 50 repetitions on each side. You might have to break them up in sets of 5 reps depending upon the weight of the Ultimate Sandbag you use. This DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout isn’t just about smashing you though. We are looking for the precision of the repetitions. One reason that I chose this specific DVRT complex was because you can’t be sloppy and do it.