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Goofy Ass Exercises

Goofy Ass Exercises

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How do you NOT love this quote if you have been in fitness in any length of time. Even if you just love fitness as a hobby, it is nuts! What do you do? Should you do this? Love that? Is that crazy? Should this be my focus? The reality is that you just need to make two decisions. 

What is your goal? 

How do you want to accomplish it?

That didn’t help huh? Trust me, it will!

Now, the first trick is to avoid any fitness mumbo jumbo meme sayings. Of course, if you follow us for any time, my personal favorite is “do the basics!” 

I posted recently how this makes no sense because no one can tell me what that means other than we should move. Thanks, that helps. If we look through history, there were actually A LOT of things that made up “the basics”, so let’s go back to my first question, “what is your goal?” 

Yea, yea, you want to be lean, strong, fit, move well, in other words, not really helping. You really have to determine what is important to your goals. I’ll be honest, you can be lean and you don’t have to be crazy strong, run a marathon, etc. Same thing about many of the other goals, in fact, to some degree you are going to have to choose. I can count on one hand people that can lift a ton and do something crazy like run a long distance. This is how the body works. 

Now, very possibly, being exceptional at any one of these things isn’t all that important to you. To be honest, they aren’t for me. I have had some great different experiences and I found my personal happiness to be in balance. When I could do something out of the ordinary and not be paralyzed on the ground. I don’t want to have to call someone to help me pick something up, but I don’t want to be passed out on a pick up game. So, how in the world does this help our original point? 


The idea of balance is not a new one, the idea of being a specialist is far more of a foreign idea! Fitness use to facilitate wellness, not create obsessions. 

It means that really you want balance and you are going to have to work on being disciplined in developing some good movement, but not being sucked in the temptation to becoming some pseudo elite athlete. After all, we have all been there, we have done something new, actually had some great success and here we go, but we lost it, we lost what was REALLY meaningful to us. 

A movement pattern is one singular skill, like learning the hip hinge. The deadlift is a start, you can’t clean, or hinge in different ways if you can’t simply do it up and down. The concept of the foundation gives you the reminder of the skills that will matter when you add more and more sophistication to your movement. That is both exciting and a responsibility. 

Why responsibility? Because with some success you will fall into the fitness trap that one thing carries over to everything! One of the fundamental principles of strength training is the S.A.I.D. principle (specific adaptation imposed demands), in other words you get good at what you practice, things don’t magically carry over otherwise we would all be really high level athletes, don’t know about you, but I am not:( Like Martial Arts and sports, great skills and sophistication are about making smaller steps to more complex ideas. Otherwise it is like saying because you can say because you can add you know how to perform algebra. Well, maybe you do. 


Old time strongmen use to know that small movements would lead to bigger things because they saw the big picture!

Now, before you think this means being all boring and lame, DVRT Master, Troy Anderson shows you how simple and deadly effective these types of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training concepts can be!