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Great Summer Time Workout

Great Summer Time Workout-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Amanda Thebe, DVRT Master (Fit N’ Chips)

I always love connecting with other personal trainers. It’s a great opportunity for me to find out what’s new in the fitness world, to share ideas, to make sure that my mind doesn’t go rusty! So when Kara Stewart-Agostino, a CPT specializing in pre and post-natal training, wanted to hook up to play with the Ultimate Sandbags, I knew we were going to have some fun. I met Kara at the Women’s Fitness Summit last year, and we made friends instantly. I love her energy and passion and was very excited to know she lived right here in Toronto!

Kara knew of the Ultimate Sandbags, and has one of her own, but hoped spending some time with me would give her some basic exercises so she could start her own personal training, and that of her new moms – knowing there is a place in everybody’s fitness program for the Ultimate Sandbag, no matter what your fitness level or ability is. It really is the all-round tool for all ages!

Why? Why does DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training seem so perfect for moms and us ladies? Let’s face it, having a family drastically cuts down on your time. Everything seems like you are in a squeeze so your fitness has to be efficient and to the point! That is one of the things my ladies seem to love about Ultimate Sandbags, they don’t waste any energy, everything is about making a positive change and hits the body in so many ways it is putting them on a path for success every repetition. 

I think women also love DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training because we aren’t forced to be like the guys. I didn’t grow up playing football and hitting the weights, my love is in movement, grace, and feeling powerful in life. While I believe women should be strong, that means different things to different people. For most of the ladies I work with, they want to feel strong while they are also feeling coordinated, free, and graceful. You don’t think that is strength? Ever watch dancers, gymnasts, or martial artists (yea, I am a black belt after all;) ? Yea, strong doesn’t have to be trying to keep up the boys, but rather living the type of strength that speaks to each and every one of us. 

After busting out a few moves with Kara and spending a lot of time both sweating and laughing (why shouldn’t fitness be fun!), we put together this fun workout –

Summertime Fun!!

– 12 Reps MAX Lunge
– 4 High Pull – 4 Clean to Fist – 4 Clean + Press
– 12 Bear Hug Squats
– 12 Sprinter Stance Shoulder Squats *each leg
– 6 Around the World *both directions
rest for 1-2 mins.
repeat for a total of 2-3 rounds!