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Hardest Push-up Workout EVER!

Hardest Push-up Workout EVER!

It started off as innocently as most of our conversations do, “I think THIS would be really good.” Of course coming from the mouth of DVRT Master and creator of Alpha Kettlebell, Troy Anderson, this wasn’t your typical workout idea. 

As he began to explain it though, like many of our conversations end up, it just made sense. “What is a push-up?” Troy asked. Well, it is a plank, it is a pushing movement, it is core stability, it is shoulder stability and mobility. “Right!”, uh-oh, I knew I just fed into his evil idea. 

He went on to explain how most people approach push-ups like they are just trying to survive. They lose the intent, the focus, the purpose of a push-up and just go after numbers that don’t seem to mean a lot. 

“If a push-up is related to a plank, then we should use the time under tension to really amp up the results.” That was uh-oh twice in my head. He was making way too much sense like normal and I knew something I would regret was coming fast! 

“A 100 yard lateral drag and push-up challenge” came out of his mouth. My fears were confirmed! It wasn’t just to torture people, he had actually put quite a bit of thought into the concept. 

sandbag core exercises

Why 100 yards? Maybe it was taking us both back to our sports conditioning days when 100 yards of anything was the “magical” number for many conditioning events. More than likely, it was the idea that 100 yards is a pretty solid distance, you learn a lot about your fitness by trying to move for 100 yards. You have to have a pretty good combination of strength and endurance to actually achieve this! 

As you guess though it extends that time under tension. Not only is this super important for core work, but in reality most people rush building a base for a lot of other work. Holding this position WELL will really build up the integrity of the shoulders, chest, and yes, back. 

What about this little lateral drag though? We haven’t shown it in awhile, why? Well, to be honest, most people butcher it. The whole point of the lateral drag is to go VERY slow and keep the whole Ultimate Sandbag on the ground. This creates friction which in turn puts a huge amount of work through the whole body! 

When you combine the lateral drag and push-up, you get something pretty awesome. A few years ago while at a NSCA conference, Troy and I did something similar, holy cow!!! Yea, you feel that pretty much EVERYWHERE. 

So, what happens if you don’t have 100 yards? You can work in a very small space going back and forth for up to 2 minutes. Yea, 2 minutes doesn’t sound that bad, until you try it!!

Only one thing to do now, take on Troy’s 100 yard challenge! 

You will need a Core or Power Ultimate Sandbag for this challenge. So, we are giving you 20% off Core and Power Ultimate Sandbag Training packages by using coupon code “push-up” for a limited time HERE

NOTE: notice how Troy is on a grassy surface, do not use abrasive surfaces to perform this challenge!