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He Was SO Wrong

He Was So Wrong!-Answering The BIGGEST Question About Ultimate Sandbag Training

I think it is something that comes with age.

You learn more and more that there are gray areas in many different situations. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t think there are right and wrong ways of doing things or answers to questions. Many people in our current politically correct world give an opinion, but then also provide the gray area to not really take any sides. I think if you REALLY believe in something, then you should stand tall and shout from the roof tops!

That is how I felt just yesterday when I was doing an interview for the Wall Street Journal. They had contacted me on a story about “sandbag training” since they saw how we were leaders in the movement. The journalist was funny and very interested in the subject matter. She had obviously done a lot of work on the topic and spoken to some other health professionals about “sandbag training”.

This amazing 60 year old woman shows real strength

I take an opportunity to share our views as a privilege. Spending almost ten years pushing through on this form of training even when we got first laughed at, has been the driving force in our belief this is something special. More importantly we have just seen it change so many lives we want to tell everyone about it!

Anyways, the journalist was asking me about something a physical therapist had told her about “sandbag training”. He had said that “sandbag training” was good, but you need to get in shape first to do it and it is best used along with a weight training program.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I said to her that he is both right and wrong at the same time. No, that wasn’t me trying to be politically correct. I had to clarify his statements being both at the same time. Was he right?

I went on to tell her that he was right if he viewed “sandbag training” in the traditional sense. One reason you see me putting the words sandbag training in quotation marks is that it really doesn’t mean the same thing as our DVRT system. In fact, it doesn’t mean much at all other than a bag full of sand. What’s the difference?

This 65 year old man learns how to properly squat with a powerful exercise

She asked me if I started “sandbag training”, I told her no! Using bags of sand has been around for a very long time. However, even though they have been around for almost as long as we have records, why was it that they were NEVER a primary training tool? Why is there such incredibly limited information about using “sandbag training” for fitness and performance when there are hundreds of articles and books on body weight, dumbbells, bands, heck, even kettlebells?

There are only four possible answers…

*The original sandbag was seriously flawed.

*The way we used sandbags was ineffective.

*A combination of reasons 1 & 2.

*It just doesn’t work!

As you may guess, I believe in number three. If the concept didn’t work we wouldn’t see the amazing results we have we so many people. We wouldn’t see people get so excited about the training. We wouldn’t see highly reputable resources like the Wall Street Journal wanting to do stories about this type of fitness.

We spend days coaching fitness pros on the RIGHT way to use our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system

That is why I kept finding myself repeating to the journalist the following…”having the right tool is important, very important, but WHAT you do with it and your know how in its use is just as, if not MORE important.” That is why the physical therapist is right and wrong.

Even if you have our Ultimate Sandbag, that is only part of the equation. If you don’t know what to do with it then you are not probably going to have the results we talk about. You might feel it is too advanced because you don’t know how to progress in the training. However, being “in shape” doesn’t solve this problem so we are back to the toughest thing to get people to understand. Are we talking about training with a bag of sand, or our DVRT system, they are honestly completely different!

If you are discussing the DVRT system then you don’t have to be in tremendous shape, you don’t have to be an elite athlete, you don’t need any special preparation work. You DO have to take the time to know some of the basic principles. If you do, no matter your age, your starting point, your experience, you can see some pretty amazing results. That is why we continue to pride ourselves in not only an incredible tool, but providing top notch resources as well.

Let me ask you?

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