Home Fitness Revolution with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

You don’t like going to the gym?
You don’t have enough time to think about getting fit?
You’ve tried in the past and it just has been boring and ineffective to train at home?

That no longer has to be the case! Great fitness doesn’t have to be only for those willing to spend hours at the gym. In fact,  Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT™) and the Ultimate Sandbag exercises are part of the revolutionary movement of bringing great fitness to anyone, any place, anytime.

Get Fit At Home With
DVRT™ and The Ultimate Sandbag

Great Fitness To Anyone, Any Place, Anytime DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Exercises

Fitness should work for you, not the other way around. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are designed to meet you at wherever your fitness is beginning and take you through a dynamic, fun, and incredibly effective journey of real life fitness. Instead of beating you up, DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises are designed to progressive help you build all aspects of your fitness (strength, endurance, and flexibility) so that you can not only see results, but feel your best doing it!

We believe that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag exercises will “bring your fitness to life”, no matter what you want to be better at in life, DVRT and Ultimate Sandbag exercises will bring you the tools to achieve those goals. Our specially engineered Ultimate Sandbag brings the instability of real life implements to your fitness training. This instability of the Ultimate Sandbag taps into muscles that most miss, targeting the smaller muscles as well as the bigger “mirror” muscles, we make the body smarter and your fitness more effective.

Science has backed up this idea showing that Ultimate Sandbag exercises actually burns MORE calories than even dumbbells of the same weight, doing the same exercise! . Not only is the Ultimate Sandbag more effective than standard weights, the number of exercises you can perform are almost endless and the DVRT system shows you how!

Check out our recommended DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training packages below. See how easy it is to have a complete gym anywhere, any time. Even with just a couple of Ultimate Sandbags you will NEVER run out of variety, challenge, and fun!

Invest In yourself. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Not Sure Where To Start? We Are Here To Help.
Our Recommendations:

Power Package Sandbag

Power Package

Ladies looking to make their home gym their results center to feel and look their best, we recommend starting with the Power Package HERE.


Starter Combo

Want the world’s smallest complete gym? Try our Starter Combo and see how easy it is to achieve your fitness goals in as little as 20 minute workouts HERE!

Sandbag Strength Package

Strength Package

Gentlemen looking to gain back the energy and strength you deserve we recommend starting with the Strength Package HERE

What Our Home Fitness Users Are Saying

“In Mid-November 2011, I decided I had enough. Didn’t have much going for Me, so I decided to Jump right into the Ultimate Sandbag Training Spartacus Workouts! On December 3, of 2011 I started Eating Clean. It was tough getting Started, but I always loved working out, and even more so since I learned about Josh Henkin’s DVRT Program. I’m on My 3rd Week of Josh & Troy’s Synergy 2.0, Hands down the best program I’ve ever seen or been on, The Program is simply Genius. Today February 7, 2012 I weigh 219.6 lbs. I haven’t broken the 220 lb barrier in over a Year, this is with 3-1/2 Months of Training, that’s 30.4 lbs of Weight, I definitely Put on some Muscle, so I know I lost a lot more then 30.4 lbs of Fat.”

Home Fitness Training

-Pedro Morales

“All my life I have been overweight, when I was in high school I was over 230 lbs, Poor Diet and nutrition, In Nov 2010, I was 27 years old and the largest I had ever been in my life at 336 Lbs, something needed to change, I was told by several doctors that I would develop Diabetes and was in very poor Health. I decided to change my diet and start doing a morning Routine, which was in part based on Power 90 (the basic version of what would become P90X) I lost 30 lbs, but got stuck, Frustrated and bored with the content, I needed something more. I then got a Bowflex Utlimate 2, off Craiglist for a good price (800$) I used this for some time and had some more progress, I was down about 40 lbs but still not having great progress. down about 40 lbs but still not having great progress. Then by chance I saw an ad for Ultimate Sandbag on a fitness site and decided to look into it, It just seems more interesting and more versatile then traditional weights or workout equipment. I decided to get my Strength Package and I can honestly say it was some of the best money I ever spent on my health, Ultimate Sandbags are built to take any kind of punishment you can dish out, I had tried using a backpack with contractor bags full of sand, they just blew open after a while, the bag is rock solid, and it will make you rock solid!
6 months went by and now a full year after I started I am 246 lbs (lost 90 lbs) working my way toward 100 lbs still. I use the sandbag 3 times a week, I do segments of cardio followed by power lifting the bag with squats and dead lifts. I burn 1200 calories a work out using the sandbag and its one of the only pieces of fitness equipment I recommend to others and use over and over and never get tired of it. Its waiting for me in the gym, like a good friend, wanting to challenge me and bring me to become the best I can!”

Home Fitness Training

-Gabriel Duff

“Thank you Josh Henkin for this awesome system DVRT!!! I’m a new man!! Walked into FIT4U Cheshire with upper/lower back pain and left with an Ultimate Sandbag and so much knowledge!!! No more back pain!!! Completely gone!!! You changed my and many other lives!!!! B-O-O-M!!

Home Fitness Training

-Dave Garceau

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