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How Branding Yourself To Make A HUGE Impact!

You can listen to the audio only HERE


Something that is both important to build in any business, but also is popular to discuss is the topic of branding. While we could talk for days in detail about branding, there are actually simple things we could do to really establish a strong brand and make it have a positive impact for ourselves.

Some of the most common mistakes though is when people don’t have a plan on what their brand is, how they are going to build it, and how messaging is so essential. While Jessica and I discuss a lot of these topics here is a quick break down of some of the most important aspects.

-Who are you targeting?

-Why are you an expert?

-What are the unique challenges of that group and how are you going to provide a solution that is not common place? (don’t be different to be different, but have something extremely valuable that they haven’t discovered)

-Are you consistently conveying that message or are you jumping around to a variety of niches?

-How is your 7 second elevator speech? Is your messaging resonating with the people you are trying to approach?

These are some of the many things you can do to build a brand that really makes a difference in the lives of people, just out our video for more discussion or check out the audio just below the video.

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