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How DVRT Helps Build More Successful Gyms

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I know that what we talk about in DVRT may seem like we are saying some pretty weird ideas. They fly in the face of what you see largely in popular fitness. To me that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because we know change takes time. It is happening, but of course never happens as quickly as we like. I often say it takes some courage to do things differently, but I also believe results say everything.

We have a community full of awesome fitness professionals that have made a great impact upon their clients and have made their gyms very successful through the use of our DVRT system. Knowing this, I thought it would be helpful to really highlight some of these great coaches.

So, first up I decided a hopefully familiar face to a lot of you that have been watching our DVRT videos for some time in Cory Cripe. Not only does Cory post and share great DVRT training information, but he has seen his gym, Fitness Lying Down, in Lacrosse Wisconsin grow quite a bit. The powerful impact he makes on clients and how he is able to really provide people with an incredible experience is why I wanted to invite Cory back for an interview. I wanted him to share how he has been able to accomplish so much and how he has taken such an extensive system as DVRT into being able to translate success to his clients and help new coaches gain the understanding of movement so fast!

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Check out the interview I did with Cory HERE and make sure to check out many of Cory’s training programs HERE that are 30% off for a limited time more with code “holiday30”

Also check out some of the impactful testimonials from REALY people that Cory has helped achieve goals not just in their fitness, but lives as well!