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How Is Your Movement Literacy?

sandbag training

That is a weird term isn’t it? Movement literacy? What doe sit even mean?!!!

I wouldn’t have really gotten it, except the way that Dr. Jennifer Reiner-Marcello explained it, I was quite jealous I didn’t come up with it! Jennifer (as she lets me call her;), has had extensive experience being a therapist for top athletes of many sports, including working for the San Diego Padres baseball team.

Whenever I got to talk with her, I loved how we connected on how strength really should be seen. She is on board that there is definitely a place to train up and down like we are use to seeing in the gym, but we are missing something really BIG, if we don’t look at strength training in more directions, angles, and positions.

This doesn’t mean we start doing random craziness, but there has to be method to the madness. So, to help explain all these ideas, I asked Jennifer to sit down with me for an awesome 30 minute interview to explain how we truly develop real world strength. I think you will love the connection to DVRT she even makes in subtle ways!

Check it out HERE