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How L.I.F.T. is Changing Functional Training Forever!

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Yesterday was the release of our new L.I.F.T. (loaded integrated functional training) certification. We knew that it would be exciting but we have been overwhelmed with how much! With that, we also knew there would be some confusion with L.I.F.T., what is it, how is it different than DVRT, and so much more! Taking today was designed to answer all those questions and so much more!

Q: How is L.I.F.T. different than DVRT?

A: When we initially offered our L.I.F.T. program over a decade ago, we found out it was just too much. Functional training was really grabbing a hold on the fitness industry, but being so new, having the shift to real information about how the body moves, we realized we had to change our approach.

That meant from trying to show the Ultimate Sandbag with all these different and rather new functional training tools, was going to have to change. We decided to help people become master craftsmen/women so we focused on teaching people functional training focusing on our Ultimate Sandbag.

functional training

Doing so allowed people to see how many solutions they could create if they had the right tool and just as important, the right understanding of the body. This allowed DVRT to become  leader in functional training education.

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When it comes to building #corestrength , few exercises are better than the bird dog. While so many think of the bird dog as ONLY a corrective exercise, it is a powerful #plank , means of teaching how to press, connect the chains of the body, brings in the need to RESIST the other planes of motion, and connects #glutes with the core and upper body. —————- With the new found popularity of the bird dog, people are doing all sorts of variations. However, with the desire to make them “harder”, we miss the aspects of the bird dog that make it great! One of the big #fitnessgoals of the bird dog is to create a lot of tension into the ground by both grabbing with the hands and feet. As we move, the goal is keep that tension which keeps the pelvis in place. When we introduce these #DVRT variations the goal is not to make the bird dog more difficult, but challenge our ability to keep tension into the ground. These drills are more about pushing DOWN, than trying to lift the weight up or move the weight. —————— The Ultimate #Sandbag drag with @perform_better mini bands is to designed to connect the body from head to toe. The DRAG, not lift, of the Ultimate Sandbag, creates friction on the ground and the position of the weight allows us to connect the lats to the #core . The mini bands are causing a push/pull in the lower body activating both the glutes and hamstrings like we would in walking and running. ——————- The dumbbell bird dog row isn’t really about rowing, but driving the foot and hand into the ground. The rowing action is simply a means to challenge the stability we create before the movement begins.

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Learning not new exercises, but how our functional training tools fit together to build powerful progressions is what gives L.I.F.T. such an edge in the industry. 

Fast forward to today, between the industry gaining more and more interest in functional training and the work that sharing DVRT with the world, we have an opportunity to really change how people train by offering an encompassing system. Teaching people how to use the most versatile and effective strength training tools. Our philosophy hasn’t changed, we just expanded the playbook of fitness by bringing tools like kettlebells, bands, bodyweight, maces, and yes, Ultimate Sandbags into the same world!

Q: What is L.I.F.T. then and what do I get with it? 

A: L.I.F.T. is a 9 module online training certification. It is the designed to be studied, practiced, and implemented into the fitness programs of any fitness level! Based around the primal human movement patterns (hip hinge, squat, lunge, push, pull, rotate, and locomotion) we provide a program unlike anything else.

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People often think #hiitworkout programs are just based to make people tired, rarely do we think of making people better. Thanks to the great ideas that @coach_dos has shared in his Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) program has created a #strengthtraining system that combines smart with chalk work. Find out how we combine these great #functionaltraining tools into dynamic programs that make our fitness come to life! #dvrt #corestrength #functionalfitness #mensfitness #ultimatesandbag #fitover40 #conditioning #crossfit #sandbags #kettlebell #coreworkout #sandbagworkout #snatch #glutes #lunges #personaltrainer #fitnessforlife #strengthandconditioning #fitdad #sandbagtraining @perform_better

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Imagine never being “stuck” with what to do or guessing how to help people. With the right tools and more importantly, the right knowledge you can have success in your training and your business! 

We don’t teach you just new exercises (there will be plenty of those), but rather, a thought process of how to understand and maximize functional training. Using the tools we do is a reflection of implementing equipment that matched our philosophy and methodology rather trying to squeeze people into “what has always been done!”

functional training

Because such a system will end up containing 1,000 pages and over 20 hours of video instruction, we decided to split these modules into individual releases. This means we care that you not just invest into L.I.F.T., but actually use the content. We want to be part of elevating what the fitness, performance, and therapy industries.

This first release contains our L.I.F.T. principles and concepts of functional training, hip hinge, and pressing modules. The combination is 250 pages of packed training concepts, cuing, and progressions with detailed pictures and video links to over 5 1/2 hours of teaching.

How we build progression through these functional training tools is more important than looking at them in isolated ways!

You will learn what functional training means, why it is different and how to use the above mentioned tools into a systematic approach to changing everything in how people train.

Q: If it is a certification, how do I become certified?

A: During the release of each series of modules, there will be a written exam as well. There is an 80% passing mark and students will be given up to 3 attempts to pass. Each time, you will gain feedback upon what you have missed.

Our goal isn’t to make this super hard, but rather ensure that you are learning the concepts, principles, and techniques we spend a lot of time breaking down to you in these modules. Once all four tests are completed and passed, you will be provided with some great bonuses including your L.I.F.T. certificate and continuing education credits.

How L.I.F.T. is Changing Functional Training Forever!

You may wonder, “what will the additional releases cost?” For those that have already started the L.I.F.T. course, we will have a special price of $99 for each subsequent release. That means you save more, but get far more than doing the program as a whole or trying to do a live event. Without time, equipment, and facility restrictions, we can deliver you the system and program we have always envisioned.

Get it HERE now with over $75 in savings and FREE gifts with coupon code “lift” for a limited time!

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