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How to Begin Ultimate Sandbag Training

sandbag workout

Hope you guys had an awesome holiday! I know you are probably right back at it and we want to bel helping you go into 2018 strong! Heck, it didn’t take long for me to give my Festivus shirt a serious DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout.

This post is really inspired by an email I got the other day from another fitness professional. He was asking for my help in encouraging a buddy to not give up on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

I was kinda surprised by the email. Not because everyone falls in love with our program, the reality people are emotionally attached to certain fitness tools and methods like they are to everything else. This wasn’t that though, the coaches buddy flat out said he HATED “sandbag training”!!

Of course it is easy to get defensive about such things, but I wanted to really get a the heart of the frustration. So, when I inquired why he hated “sandbag training” so much the feedback was interesting.

It really centered around a few issues. The first was the set-up. Trust me, I know we ask a lot of people to fill up their own Ultimate Sandbag, but there are lots of reasons why.

The biggest is to try to cut down on shipping for our DVRT community. It stinks that shipping costs as much as it does, but it is just the way of the world. We can’t throw in shipping because the Ultimate Sandbag is too high quality to cut into the lower price we already sell it at. I’m not asking for anyone to feel sorry for us, but I think it helps to know the why.

Another reason is that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training gives you more versatility because you can start whatever weight you want. We didn’t design the Ultimate Sandbag for you to change weight every set or even workout, but over time you can adjust it to where you want. I think that is pretty cool because if I buy a 30 pound dumbbell and now I want a 40 pound dumbbell I have to go buy another!

Of course this does confuse people. Most fitness tools you don’t really have to determine weight or set-up. That’s why we try to give you resources on where to start. However, people take a wrong turn on their DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training journey because they want the Ultimate Sandbag to be a barbell.

People ask us ALL the time how come we don’t make like 5 pound mini bags to go into our shell. The answer is simple, by making such mini bags you would take all the instability and “alive” effect out of your Ultimate Sandbag Training drills. Second, it would cause a horrible feel to your Ultimate Sandbag with lots of excessive flopping and such.

We constructed the filler bags to be the length of your Ultimate Sandbag and to use all of them to give you the best feel and the best alive weight training experience.

Beginning Your Ultimate Sandbag Training

Obviously set-up is important and the suggested loads depend on sizes and experience level. Here are some recommendations on the best weights based on experience for our different sizes.


Beginner-10 pounds

Intermediate-15 pounds

Advanced-20 pounds


Beginner- 20 pounds

Intermediate-30 pounds

Advanced-40 pounds


Beginner-20 pounds

Intermediate-30 pounds

Advanced-40 pounds


Beginner-40 pounds

Intermediate-50 pounds

Advanced-60 pounds


Beginner-80 pounds

Intermediate-100 pounds

Advanced-120 pounds

Is there room for some flexibility there? Of course, but it is a good guideline based upon working with a lot of facilities and coaches for the past 13 years.

Your set-up already, how do you begin DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Part of the coaches other issue was he believed that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training was hard to use. He liked the ideas, but the implement was too difficult. To be honest, that REALLY shocked me!


If anything we have tried to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training SUPER user friendly. In fact, many times coaches think it is TOO easy and not sophisticated. Then they try it and are reminded that the best solutions are sometimes the simplest. That, and don’t mistaken simple for easy!

There is one BIG thing you need to do to ensure you have success with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. Don’t think of it as a barbell!

Why? First off, it isn’t one, that is important from the techniques we use to perform different Ultimate Sandbag Training movements, to how we grab the weight, to how we progress the exercises, to how we alter the perceived load of your Ultimate Sandbag. DVRT really comes down to three simple principles….

  1. How do you hold the Ultimate Sandbag.
  2. How do you stand when you lift the Ultimate Sandbag.
  3. What direction to you move while you are lifting.


How you hold the weight in Ultimate Sandbag Training can completely change the outcome or emphasis of an exercise. Most fitness programs only focus on going heavier with the weight. Sure, you can do that in Ultimate Sandbag Training, but because they don’t increase by 5 or even 10 pounds, you are far better off using different holding positions to help make incremental changes to your Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises.

sandbag training

You can see from the picture above, four ways we can change the squat in Ultimate Sandbag Training just by changing how we hold the weight.

So what are the different holding positions in the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training system. There are actually eleven of them, but I want to focus on five! Why just five when there are so many? Well, these are a combination of the most controversial and popular Ultimate Sandbag Training positions.

You will also find changing how we stand while we lift gives us not just more options, but ways to stress the body in smarter ways. Think about it, just like in bodyweight exercises, we change leverage all the time to adjust the intensity of an exercise. Wouldn’t it make sense to do so with loaded exercises too?
What paying attention to all these details can transform someone from HATING Ultimate Sandbag Training to doing what so many gyms around the world are doing….making it a corner stone to their fitness programs. You can only do so when you understand the power of the system and how to use the implement well!
Don’t lose out on fitness that can truly change everything you can do! For a VERY limited time save 30% on our best selling Ultimate Sandbags HERE and our DVRT workout programs HERE with coupon code “newyear” See where your fitness can go with Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts like this!