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How To Build Great Strength And Conditioning

sandbag training

People are busier than ever, so, finding ways to accomplish all we want in our workout programs in a short amount of time is a goal for many. That usually revolves around finding ways to build great strength and conditioning at the same time. Sometimes people make a BIG mistake in chasing these goals because they develop redundancy of movement and actually develop aches & pains or find the stagnation in their training is reached very quickly.

A better way to develop great strength and conditioning is to use our DVRT complexes. No, we didn’t invent complexes, but the way we use the flow of one exercise to another typically is because we avoid some of the common mistakes. What are those?

-Too much of one movement pattern (if you perform a kettlebell swing, snatch, clean, and deadlift, those are all hip hinges)

-We move in different planes of motion that use more muscles and combine stability, mobility, and great strength training at the same time.

-Overly complicated or even dangerous movements. Many complexes have people “throwing” weights in ways that it only takes on bad rep (that you usually don’t see) to have a REALLY bad day.

We can optimize these total body complexes that build great strength and conditioning with some added bonuses.

sandbag training

The instability of the Ultimate Sandbag gives us some unique benefits because how our instability is created. The slight shifting of sand (water is more advanced and not always better especially when beginning in our training) allows us to teach the body how to use the muscles synergistically creating better opportunities in building better movement, great strength, and condition smarter because no two repetitions are exactly the same. We don’t want crazy instability, which is why we recommend people start with sand, because that means the load is usually too light and the body can’t control the instability usually causing compensations in our movement.

The dimension of the Ultimate Sandbag also provides another element of instability. This is why heavy Ultimate Sandbags are so challenging. Not only is the load pretty significant, or the sand shifts, but the dimension causes more of a challenge to control which is why a 100 pound Ultimate Sandbag is NOTHING like a 100 pound barbell. They are so much more difficult, but also beneficial.

Check out why these 3 Ultimate Sandbag complexes are so effective in achieving better stability, mobility, great strength, and yes, powerful conditioning.

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Australian DVRT Coach, Cameron Ward, shows a great way to start learning these concepts and how to get a great strength and condition workout at once.


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DVRT UK Coach, Greg Perlaki, shows how we can build progression off the first complex by adding different planes of motion. Meanwhile, Coach Ara Keshishian shows how advanced we can make one series. This means we have more options to make great total body workouts and make our gym feel like the most equipment packed gym out there without actually needing a lot of equipment.


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