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How To Build Muscle Through Stability Training

muscle building workouts

Fitness, maybe more than most industries, gets marketing to hijack actual good concepts of training. The two downsides of this are that we throw out great ideas because we think they aren’t real, second, we end up doing the WRONG things because of what we are told that represents these concepts. I think along with core, functional, the other idea that people miss the boat on is stability training. Don’t worry, I did as well, but being an eternal student helps us learn how to do better!

stability training

I put together as mini summit with Alwyn Cosgrove, nutritionist Leslie Schilling, and performance expert, Dr. Brandon Marcello a little while ago. If you haven’t heard Brandon’s name you should! His resume is one of the most impressive in the industry from working with Olympians, being part of the team that is now EXOS, and working with the US military, he has done it all.

Well, Brandon’s topic was about stability training and what he shared was mind blowing (you can actually get his whole lecture on HERE for 30% off with code “muscle” along with our entire summit). It made so much sense, but I had never heard anyone break down what the science of stability training really is about. What is the goal of stability training? Well, it is NOT standing on unstable objects, it is not lifting objects that bounce, shake, whatever. As Brandon states…

core training

What does THAT mean? When our body moves there is a way that the nervous system optimally uses each muscle within a chain that needs to turn on the right time. Meaning that just strengthening a singular muscle doesn’t guarantee (usually doesn’t) that the muscle will turn on at the right time when moving. The fix is to focus on building better movement patterns (squat, hip hinge, lunge, push, pull, rotation, and locomotion).

That is why in DVRT we have a system of progressing stability training where most people get instability training all wrong. I recently made an example of where people miss stability training and building more single leg deadlifts in the post below.

These concepts are foundational to our Progress Kettlebell Movement Certification (PKM is also 30% off HERE) and understanding what our body is suppose to do in movement helps us create better progressions. This also allows us to build muscle which most people don’t think is possible with stability training. When we use stability training correctly we actually use MORE muscles in the body so we build more muscle and burn more calories while making the body perform better, pretty sweet right? Below is another example of how we can build muscle and be true to stability training concepts in a familiar exercise like bent rows where people also make a very common mistake.

Probably THE most common mistake (okay, second after all the balancing stuff) is that we perform an unstable exercise, but we use structure to create the stability. I showed why that is incorrect in the deadlifts and rows, but a very easy way to demonstrate this point is through the use of a great exercise like a Pallof Press. A wonderful way to teach how to resist unwanted movement (another big key in stability training) but most people when they perform the movement take a wide stance as you see me use below.

In that case, I am using my “structure” or positioning to artificially create stability and I lose the effectiveness of the Pallof Press. However, what you see is I give better options (from most challenging to least challenging as progressions for stability training are essential). Using the Ultimate Sandbag and being able to actively pull apart the weight helps me connect my lats/core to the rest of my body and giving me more natural stability training as you see my positions don’t let me cheat the movement at all!

Understanding the true intent of concepts like stability training and gain the benefits. As the great poet, Maya Angelou said, “do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” That should be the philosophy we all have as learning keeps us growing whether training ourselves or trying to help others!

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