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How To Improve Pelvic Alignment & Control

sandbag exercise equipment

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration Certification, DVRT Rx Shoulder, Knees, Pelvic Control, & Gait Courses)

sandbag workouts

It seems that one of the most common questions I get is what to do when you feel your hips are “out of alignment” or they feel that way at least. It is probably a once a week message I get on social and to be honest it was actually quite common in the clinic too. I remember one patient in particular, she loved coming to see me because I always “put her hips back in place”. 

Now, that really wasn’t the issue, no ones hips are “out of place,” what you are feeling is just really some instability or an imbalance that occurred due to weakness, poor posture, over training…you name it. Really anything can cause that feeling that your hips are out of alignment or “stuck”. There are some instances where there is a true leg length discrepancy causing the alignment issues but we won’t dive into that right now. 

pelvic alignment

Back in the day I manually corrected/ adjusted everyone, it worked…and that is why that one patient loved to come see me. But she had to come see me all the time because it didn’t really last. A big reason was because I was adjusting her and then not giving her any exercises or active work to really solidify what I had manually done. Basically I failed teach her body how to correctly maintain that proper control of the pelvis and hips. 

You might be thinking, wow, not such a great therapist are you! Well, I didn’t know better at the time, we all learn and grow in our profession and I thought at the time I was giving a good treatment. Of course, I gave her stretches and exercises but not really the right ones since she kept having to come back to me. What I was missing was really focusing on proximal stability which you hear us talk about time and time again as well as improving the kinetic chain of not only the core but the lower and upper body.

sandbag training

There is where we go into some of my favorite drills for pelvic control and core stability. 

Below are my top five go to exercises which really can be considered a great warmup to “prep” your body for more movement.

Been Beeler demonstrates some core stability drills not just for runner but for anyone interested in improving their pelvic alignment and control.

Again, the below showing how when we create proximal stability it really allows our body to feel like it can move more freely and without discomfort. Bringing the best science into practice is what we strive to achieve in DVRT. These types of pelvic alignment and control drills will not only improve the way your core functions, but your entire body too!

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