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How To Make A Good Core Exercise Great!

sandbag workouts

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration, DVRT Rx Shoulder, Knees, Pelvic Control, & Gait Courses)

sandbag workouts

You know at DVRT we never look at the body in isolation but how it all works together so you won’t see a 10 minute ab workout posted here. I did, however, want to talk about an exercises people tend to over look or may not understand. 

core exercise

The Pallof Press, not to be confused with the Pavlov’s Theory of Classical Conditioning. Josh always makes fun of me because for some reason I always say Pavlov vs Pallof but I mix up words all the time. The point being he should know what I am talking about and not correct me right? Sorry went on a bit of a tangent there. 

Anyway, what is a Pallof Press? Well, it is named after physical therapist, John Pallof and seen as a great anti rotational exercises. Typically you see people holding a band with tension applied laterally and the person is pressing the band out from their belly button. So its basically a great core exercise that a lot of people miss out on.

Now you might be saying, how would something like this be considered a great core exercise, isn’t ab crunches and sit ups what really work the core? Nope! 

The core is designed to resist motion. As we have discussed before the core is over 30 muscles of the trunk and pelvis working together. Not just one or two muscles like most think. So when we think core exercise we should be thinking, ability to resist motion, ability to integrate the muscles of the core, the ability to create stability. All of these things matter. 

Over here at DVRT we are always looking at how we can make something better, how can we improve upon things. With the Pallof Press DVRT allows us to also bring in a new component of load where that is often not the case with a traditional Pallof Press. Load and the ability to create better core tension due to being able to grip and pull apart the Ultimate Sandbag apart we get the lats involved as well, which means a better overall connection of the body.

Josh does a great job of explaining what I am talking about below: 

I go through some progressions as well, showing how we can take different movement patterns and add in the Pallof Press to things such as squats, steps downs and more. 

Josh also shows how to go beyond just the Pallof Press and how to get our feet and hands better engagement. Give it a try and see how these becomes and amazing core exercise! 

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