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Ultimate Sandbag Workouts ARE Functional Fitness

It is important to ask the RIGHT questions! Believe it or not, we are CONSTANTLY asking questions about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts. What does this do better? Is this workout the BEST way to go about achieving this or that goal? Are these the best progressions to creating better movement and success?

sandbag workouts

Our goal with DVRT is not to give you more exercises, but better solutions to movement!

As you can see, asking questions are key. The answers should be better than, “because so and so said so…”, or “man, it is ancient!” Even more relevant to today, “because it is what we do in real life!”

The last especially is what people typically think of when they think of the term functional fitness. However, most people miss the boat of what the intent of functional training is really all about!

It isn’t a lot of people’s fault either though. Most people have no idea how the body works so creating functionally based workouts can be hard. Don’t get me wrong, people know some of the sound bites…”you gotta deadlift because you have to lift something off the ground in life.”

Well, kinda, sorta, but that isn’t understanding the true intent of functional fitness. Physical therapist like Gary Gray, actually developed the concepts of functional training not to replicate what we do in life, but think of the qualities that make up every day movement.

Mr. Gray had some great ideas that we use to shape what we do in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts….

-Movement is affected by the ever-present force of gravity.
-Movement occurs three-dimensionally. 
-Movement follows the path of least resistance. Efficiency!!!
-Movement is task driven. Specific!
-Movement triggers a Chain Reaction & trade throughout the body. We are interconnected.
-Movement is individualized, as people are different. But there are BETTER ways!

What we think makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts so different is that we don’t favor any one exercise, we think about the RIGHT exercise based on the principles of good movement strength training like those above.

In order to help people understand this more, we have started a series of “Do This, Not That” themed posts on our Instagram (HERE) that I’d like to share with you on how we look at old exercises and see how we can do them so much better!

Understanding simple movement concepts like this are important. Our obliques and lateral muscles of the body aren’t designed to so much side bend our trunk as they are to RESIST movement. Working with the muscles of the hip and shoulder to keep our trunk stable as we move through different ranges of motion.

When you follow these concepts of functional fitness you aren’t working against the idea of building muscle, strength, and looking overall better. You are moving towards those goals in smarter ways!

Using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts to help teach us to move and perform better yields more results than most expect to see in their fitness program. That often means feeling good while looking better!

How can you put together these ideas of functional fitness to create better DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workouts? Try the workout below and see how functional training isn’t a buzz word but a better way to train!

If you want to learn what real functional training is all about and how to develop better strength and fitness programs, don’t miss our upcoming DVRT events HERE!